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DasUberFuzzy 10-04-2012 12:56 PM

<p>Every once in a while, I see shouts for medium-large ammounts of crafted mannequin.</p><p>When I'm done completing the order, I check the market, and if the price is decent, I usually pound out a few, as they usually sell out later that day.</p><p>After the most recent batch (which was small, wanted 4), I checked the broker and there were none at all! Sweet</p><p>I made the a bunch, put them up, and walked away.</p><p>A few days later, cycling through my crafter harem, and none had sold :( figured someone undercut my monopoly. Strangely, none were on the market... including mine.</p><p>Tried various ways of searching. Nothing</p><p>The house they are being sold in is open for visitors, the rent is paid. (not that would stop them from showing, just preventing a house listing). Nada</p><p>Posted/reposted items. Zilch</p><p>Even moved them to another toon for sale, incase THAT toon is buggy (which was not likely, because EVERYTHING else was showing fine). a big fat null here too.</p><p>As far as I can tell, the market server is just eating them before adding to "listed=1". </p><p>Anyone else notice this? Is it just Everfrost?</p><p>(and yes, I /bugged this a few weeks ago when I noticed it, and again monday. just hoping that a red name might actually see this, incase my /bugs are also getting eaten)</p>

griffon_lady 11-03-2012 12:23 AM

<p>I've noticed this for a while and I've buged it.. I'm thinking of petitioning it... but i doubt it would do any good.</p><p>I've asked many times about the pet arena in MajDul (it doesn't keep your score, so the merchant that sells the rewards can't sell any of the kills/wins reward items.... and i REALLy wanted to use the shifters in a haunted house i was making for halloween. It's been several years now, pet arena still doesn't keep score, still can't buy the shifter. :</p><p>so yah, some things just aren't popular enough to get fixed. :</p>

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