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feldon30 04-23-2013 11:50 PM

EQ2Wire Forum Archive of EQ2 and Station Forums
Welcome to the EQ2Wire Forum Archive of the EQ2 and Station Forums. This archive contains nearly every post from the EQ2 Forums, as well as the Fan Faire, SOE Live, PlayerStudio, and Data (Census) forums from the Station forums.

This archive is authorized by this post by Linda "Brasse" Carlson:

Originally Posted by Brasse
Once we put all the ancient forums into the mortuary, one by one, I am not sure how many folks will actually even try to mine them for info. More power to them that do though, as this is something we don't have the staffing to manage on this end. Historians are always appreciated!

and further:


Originally Posted by Brasse
We have confirmed that we are able to archive the old forums as read-only for a period of at least several months (several being more than two). This should allow everyone plenty of time to retreive what they want and need from the old forums. We are NOT going to keep them forever, but we'll provide 30 days notice before we do take them offline.

For those of you who want to copy the ENTIRE old forums content for perpetuity, feel free to do so. While we technically "own" the content, it is already publicly available and contains no private information.

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