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Delethen 08-04-2012 05:41 AM

<p>Basically since the patch last Tuesday I think it was, sleight of hand has no longer been functioning properly in battlegrounds.  It is supposed to force clear a target but it no longer appears to be working.  The CA description hasn't changed and there was nothing in the patch notes relating to this so I presume its broken.</p><p>Can you fix it please.</p>

neefing 08-04-2012 07:06 PM

sleight of hand should have a force target duration.. swashbuckler cc is the worst amongst all scouts and thats a fact! also i think blameblade i found sint dropping people target anymore either... it says on a 25% cahnce but ive tested it and its not working! it should be 100% chance to drop target imho. and please change storm of steel!!!! lol worst ability in the history of eq2

Delethen 08-12-2012 11:19 PM

<p>Sleight of hand is still broken, and yeah devious blade isn't working as intended either.</p><p>And yeah, I always thought sleight of hand should have a short (0.5 to 1 sec) duration added to it in pvp.</p>

Delethen 08-14-2012 08:57 PM

<p>Sleight of hand / devious blade still not working as intended in pvp after the latest patch.</p>

neefing 08-21-2012 03:30 AM

yea i doubt they'll get around to fixing this anytime soon. really hope they do tho

Delethen 08-21-2012 04:40 PM

<p>Still not working.</p>

Delethen 09-05-2012 06:35 AM

<p>Still not working.</p>

Delethen 09-14-2012 08:56 PM

<p>Still not working.</p>

Delethen 09-19-2012 06:53 AM

<p>Shock of shocks, it's still broken.</p>

Delethen 10-12-2012 06:05 AM

<p>Still not working.</p>

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