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TerminalEyesore 09-02-2012 09:50 PM

<p>Has anybody else been seeing this tactic being used a LOT lately?</p><p>Someone mentors down to a much lower level, joins a group of 2 or 3 others, and then lingers in the area of an ongoing fight and just waits on an area affect to make them agro so they can one shot everyone.</p><p>You can fight back against the non mentored members in the group that are in your natural level range, but your hands are tied on what abilities you can use since one area affect means instant death to the 3 up arrow mentored exploiter, while they are free to do anything they want.  And in addition to that, you have to dismiss your mercenary for fear that he might do an area affect of his own, while they are free to use thiers.</p><p>Why is this even possible?  Its as if the PvP range is being almost totally ignored now with mentoring, since the mentored person fights with a MUCH higher affective level than his mentored level. And to make it even worse, you actually lose infamy to this tactic, as if you ever stood a chance to begin with.</p><p>Anyway, just wondering if anyone is seeing this happen more and more, and getting as tired of it as I am.</p><p>It completely ruins any pretense of playable PvP, and it really needs to be fixed ASAP.</p>

Xzerius 09-04-2012 09:35 AM

<p>No need to "fix" something that isn't broken.  The mentoring system is fine, ( finally ) and if you do not want to aggro someone mentored down, don't use the abilities that can cause it.  The fact that they are non aggro and have 3 arrows up is a great clue. It's my experience as well that unless you target them or someone in their group, AOE's do not strike them to then allow them to hit you back.   The people in a mentored persons group cannot initiate combat so stop being careless and giving them a reason to keep doing this.</p>

TerminalEyesore 09-05-2012 12:43 AM

<p>I disagree, mentoring as it is currently implemented is exploitable and therefore IS broken.</p><p>Here is what I have observed as it has happened to me and my group. I can only report here what I have seen, so all I can do is attempt to fill in the blanks on how it is being done.</p><p>Keep in mind that, from what I have seen, these tactics are mainly being used to run people out of dungeons so they can farm names over and over and over.  In some cases, its just griefing.</p><p>1:  You engage a mob, and as the fighting heats up, a group with a mentored member appears and purposely stands in the middle of your group hoping for an AOE from one of your own group members or one of your mercenaries.</p><p>Either a group member or a mercenary AOEs and they kill you, or you disengage the mercs and hope for the best against the already engaged mob without the use of AOEs.</p><p>2:  Same as number 1, except the 3 up arrow mentored member hides out of sight somewhere.  Without realizing the danger, a group member (or a mercenary) AOEs, and the mentored member comes out of hiding and kills the group.</p><p>3:  The mentored player drops group and hides out of sight. The other group members are now agroed and wait to be attacked or hit with an AOE. Before attacking back, they let the mentored member rejoin the group, and on the next hit, they are all agroed, including the mentored player, who then appears and kills you all.</p><p>This is an exploitable game mechanic because mentored players are MUCH more powerful than the level they are mentored down to.  These examples are exactly why they SHOULD NOT EVER be able to engage in PvP while mentored.</p><p>Once they have the ability to attack you, no matter how it happened, its is no longer anything CLOSE to a fair fight, regardless of what their mentored "level" is.</p><p>The PvP level ranges are in place to prevent completely unbalanced fights, but allowing mentored players to engage in PvP, regardless of the situation, completely bypasses the PvP level ranges for the duration of that fight.</p><p>And that's why I believe it needs fixed.</p>

Cynicisim 09-05-2012 01:33 PM

<p>I have little problem with mentoring and have not had the experience of an Aoe agro'ing a mentored toon but I guess it could happen.</p><p>One solution is that mentored toons grey out to other players just like a lower lvl player woud be grey save they cannot attack any other player. Of course then every lvl 92 would be questing at lvl 90 but that is there problem as they would also run from any pvp anyway.</p>

Xzerius 09-05-2012 01:49 PM

<p>It's more exploitable to have a mentored toon completely immune to pvp and before this current ruleset it was stupid to just be a sitting duck.  The current ruleset is fine, in my opinion, and otherwise, you should be paying more attention. This  IS  PvP, not Hello Dolly. </p>

Baackdoor 09-05-2012 11:44 PM

<p>I kill plenty of mentored 92s on my lvl 50. it isnt hard. get better.</p>

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