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Bunji 10-16-2014 05:34 PM

POPULATION / ZONE PROGRESSION<br />Fixed a bug where some NPCs would not follow other NPCs like they should when out on patrol.<br /> <br /><i>Brokenskull Bay: Spoils of Maraud [Contested]</i><br />Encounters have been reduced in level.<br /> <br /><i>Ossuary of Malevolence</i><br />Primordial Altar has been tuned to solo be friendly.<br /> <br /> <br />TRADESKILLS<br />Skrit’s daily mission to make pickles now has a different name from the earlier quest to make pickles.<br />The guildhall gatherers, pack pony, and artisan’s goblin have now been trained to harvest the new level of materials.<br />It is no longer possible to use Mass Production on tradeskill quest recipes in expansion 11.<br /> <br /> <br />QUESTS<br />Increased the number of "sapphire outblooms" available during the quest, "Hand to Mouth"<br />Grimlings should no longer be a valid target for the Entropic Retrogressor in the quest,"Free Your Mind."<br />Aillena Belzia should properly update "Pushing Ahead" regardless of quest states.<br />The grimling horde in "Artifacts and Grimlings" should be a bit gentler.<br />The pygmies ofSouth Dshinnnow speak their native language, Gymy. Seek out Lagni if find communication difficult with the pygmies far afield.<br />Shattered Seas: Journey to Zavith'loa - Can now be progressed in any version of "Zavith'loa: The Hidden Caldera".

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