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Kulharr 12-07-2007 10:13 PM

<p>Ok, let me start by saying I am not a fan of low level twinking.  People who twink the heck out of themselves to gank and prey on lowbies to rack up fame and faction is bad.  PvP should need be all about items and twking.  I do agree something needs to be done, but this is totally the wrong approach to solving the problem!.</p><p>I have my combat experience disabled not because I love low level pvping, I do like to pvp yes and dedicate a decent ammount of my time to it.  But I like to do all the quests and see the games content.  Before when I played on Venekor I didn't have combat xp locked and I leveled up so quickly that I ended up missing out on 2/3rds of the games content, quests, and dungeons  because I leveled up so fast, so many zones became completely obsolete before I ever had a chance to see them.  I enjoy taking my time and level up through questing, seeing the game and the world, improving my AA's and items as I journey through the Tiers... </p><p>So now because I also pvp I'm going to be forced to level up and miss out on my pve experience?  Even if I defend myself I am going to be forced to get experience if I defeat a player who attacks me?  I think that's a ridiculous shot gun approach to the problem of low level twinking, sure it takes care of that problem.  It also renders all pvp gear non-optainable and questers unable to quest and low level pvping will cease to exsist.</p><p>I'm a player who likes a balance of pve/pvp and I have found that on Nagafen, but now SOE is forcing the decision down my throat that I have to pick one or the other, pvp and miss out on half the games content or do as many quests as you can but avoid killing another player at all costs.</p><p>My entire guild was going to be built on the prospect of questing and pvp.  Not to sit around and low level twink, but to lock experience and activly engage in questing and progress while engaging in pvp along the way... If SOE goes thru with this latest plan then that COMPLETELY destroys the entire backbone of the plans for my guild, as well as the reasons I am currently playing Everquest 2.</p><p>I am not here to twink my guy out and prey on lowbies.  I am here to do as many quests as I can and see all the content I can see as I progress without combat experience, but with the danger and option of pvp existing without destroying that entirly.</p><p>All this is going to do is force players to pick one play style or another... We already have that choice, it's called playing on a pvp or a pve server, we shouldn't need to be forced to choose yet again when there is a good balance already.  I am enjoying my playstyle, that is why I am here.  if this idea goes forward without some type of stipulations or circumstances that would still allow you to pvp without gaining experience, well then my playstyle goes extinct, along with all my friends who were planning on joining my guild once it is up and running.</p><p>I guess it's better now to hammer the nails into the coffin before the guild has started, then to have have this happen after my friends already joined up and the guild was in it's infancy, that would have been the biggest [Removed for Content] off I've yet to see in the game...</p><p>I'll wait and see how this is implement, but if it's simply forced combat pvp experience, no if, and's or but's.  Then consider me and all my guildmates to looking for a different mmorpg.  Because our perfered playstyle and how we enjoy playing will no longer exsist in this game.  Sad but true but that's just how I feel.</p><p>Why would I continue playing a game where my perfered style of play no longer exsists?  </p><p>And the thing that really annoys me about this is that it was SOE who set the ground work to encourage low level locking and ganking.  Basicly the ONLY way your rewarded from pvp is by mass ganking, and if you ever want a pvp reward you have to lock low and mass gank as many as you can, otherwise you'll never see a pvp reward.  They encouraged the playstyle, and rather then taking a careful approach to the problem, they take a shotgun to it!</p>

MokiCh 12-07-2007 11:11 PM

Can I have your stuff?Seriously, I think you're over exaggerating this just a little bit. At worst, you'll level through T2 or T3 kind of fast, but after that the experience you gain from killing another player isn't a huge amount. You people are acting as if you'd get 5% per guy you kill or something, and would shoot up to max level within two weeks. If you want to experience "all the content", just avoid PvP until you've done the quests you want to do, or, even better, do the quest and then mentor for the turn in! It's what people have been doing for months and months for things like heritage quests! You can even mentor to do all the instances that turn grey to you as you level up. The only problem on PvP would be open dungeons, but if you're gonna quit the game because you missed your chance to go through Crushbone Keep without mentoring there's precious little the devs or anyone else could do to keep you as a customer in my opinion.And, as an aside, I seriously doubt that, with vitality and quest xp being as it is, it is even possible to do all the lowbie quests before they turn grey. So in effect, you're actually screwed from the get go at low levels, and at high levels the xp slows down enough to where you can comfortably do all the quests and not have to worry about anything turning grey.Anyhow, please send all your stuff and plats to Emai @ Nagafen, Qeynos side, or Atoi on the Freeport side.

Kulharr 12-07-2007 11:18 PM

<p>But do you know that for a fact?  How much experience do we get per kill?  2%? 1%?  If it is anything over 1% in my opinion that's too much.  Anything 1% or less and it's not that big of a deal I guess.</p><p>Also you say that mentoring is the solution to all my problems.  Mentoring involves grouping,  given that 66% of the games content is now solo content... I guess I could mentor lower level players in higher level solo zones.  But that also involves me needing to track down players to mentor for paticular zones or instances before I can even go... Not that big of a deal I suppose.</p><p>as for.</p><p>"it is even possible to do all the lowbie quests before they turn grey"</p><p>Thats completely wrong.  I am level 24 and I've had to delete COUNTLESS grey quests.  Your underestimating how many quests are in this game, especially with faydwer and Kunark now.  I can go level 10-20 with questing alone from any one tier 2 area very easily and still have quests unfinished.</p>

Echgar 12-07-2007 11:33 PM

Kulharrin,I am sorry to hear you are leaving us.  Before you leave, however, you may wish to consider that the change that has you upset is still on the Test Server and is being evaluated.  The constructive comments players make regarding these changes are read by the developers.As there is already <a href="http://forums.station.sony.com/eq2/posts/list.m?topic_id=397735" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">a very active thread</a> about this change, I am closing this thread.

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