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feldon30 12-17-2019 04:13 AM

General BoL Raid Info and FAQ - Read this FIRST!
from Gninja:

Below you will find commonly asked questions regarding raiding. If you have a question not covered here feel free to post a question and we can get it added to the FAQ. Please keep questions serious, trolling, and asking questions for which you already know the answer just to complain will not be tolerated. If you wish to discuss something like this please contact me via private messages.

General Raid information and FAQ:

Q: How many raid bosses are there in Blood of Luclin?
A: There are 23 different raid targets however the majority of the bosses have 2 difficulties with added mechanics and better loot.

Q: Will shorthanded achievements have needed rewards for progression?
A: While shorthanded achievements are still a thing they have been removed from any achievement that gives rewards so it does not feel like you must sit raiders in order to get specific rewards. The achievements are there purely for bragging rights or if any progression tracking sites wish to track them, that is up to them.

Q: Will raid zone lockouts return to having different minimum and maximum lockout timers?
A: Yes, the raid zones will have a window of time rather than a strictly enforced timer that is the same for min and max.

Q: Will raid zones lock you to them immediately upon zoning in.
A: Short answer, no. Long answer, If you enter a zone you will not be locked to that zone unless you loot something or kill something or move away from the zone in area. You should only get locked from moving from zone in area if the difficulty has been selected within the zone.

Q: Will the members of our raid force all need to preorder to get into beta?
A: Yes - We are not flagging accounts for beta testing so all who wish to test will need to get the preorder for access.

Q: Is resolve still a thing?
A: Yes, Resolve will still be used but it is not being used to calculate difficulty. The strat/mechanics dictate the loot tier not resolve.

Q: Will there be rare loot?
A: Yes, every normal and challenge mode boss will have a rare table as well. We will not be revealing any percentages.

feldon30 12-17-2019 04:14 AM

When you zone into a raid zone you will be in an enclosed space and the only way to leave that area is to either open a door or interact with an object to select difficulty. If you pick challenge mode all bosses with a challenge mode option will change to challenge mode and everything else will apply the appropriate buffs for the difficulty. You cannot access any challenge mode options until all normal mode has been completed. Up until that time the only option will be Normal Mode. all members of the raid/group will get the option and everyone must click it to set it. Like a vote.

The difficulty is set on the zone not the player so when a player that was not there when it was created, when they zone in the difficulty and all that will have already been set.

Only the players that are present in the zone when the difficulty is attempted to be set by a person in raid that is either the raid leader or set as a looter will need to confirm. If you have a lot of people that afk directly before raid you can always zone someone in by themselves to set the difficulty then form up and pull everyone else in. It is not meant to be prohibitive.

It's a choice made once inside the zone. If one person clicks the wrong option then the vote will not be unanimous and you'll have to try again. If you really do not want to have voter then have one player zone in first and set difficulty then come out and get everyone else once its set.

feldon30 12-17-2019 04:15 AM

Resolve can still be used as a determination for the tier of the boss, but getting to that resolve should not take extreme amount of time. In Chaos Descending once you had the resolve to survive most of the encounters were easy to figure out. This should not be the case for Blood of Luclin. Getting to the resolve needed is where to start and then you learn how to beat the boss not just wing it and beat it because you earned the resolve. Does that makes sense?

The gear from CD will have beta buffs added to them that give you the correct stats needed for testing. So no need to get new gear. However it looks like the kael raid gear got missed so if you are testing early on you may want to carry a back or I can spawn you one if needed come raid test time.

For the record I am not answering questions that are meant as a jab at the way we have done things in the past. There is no time for that, lets just get this as best as we can. If you see an issue with the way things are set raise it as a concern in a constructive and non-generalizing way. The more details the better.

feldon30 12-17-2019 04:16 AM

Two raid zones will be open from the beginning. clearing those unlocks the third and so on. Normal Mode is all that is available until all normal mode bosses have been killed.

Resolve is basically "You must be this tall to ride or take a penalty to incoming damage and outgoing damage"

The strats on the bosses should be unique enough where you don't have a situation where the first boss is insanely difficult and second boss is tank and spank.

The numbers might change as you know, it's beta but these numbers are fairly close.

Raid Tier 1: 3520
Raid Tier 2: 3740
Raid Tier 3: 3865
Raid Tier 4: 3970
Raid Tier 5: 4075

feldon30 12-17-2019 04:18 AM

Challenge modes will be higher tier than their normal version.

We will be launching with 1 contested but likely a couple more next year.

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