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Cometar 06-07-2012 04:13 AM

<p>So with the additon of Skyshrine and the gear upgrades therin, how are you guys dealing with Stun/Stiffles so far? You can only lose so many red slots or rely on outdated gear so long or hope that dog dog immunity/cures work. I'm interested in more than have a cleric in group to do it. Thanks for insight!</p>

Hene 06-21-2012 12:41 PM

<p>use a mix of immunities, signets, ancestral balm, pots and grouping with a second priest</p>

Fairin 06-24-2012 05:14 AM

<p>i perfer the "i make the inquis, who are immune to those" cure me method otherwise hope you can last with the wards yeh got before i got stifled / stuned / waiting for the pet to cure</p>

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