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Arieva 11-02-2018 11:15 PM

I haven't participated in heroic or raid content in beta to date..but I have religiously watched discord for information. I see gems are still a thing for making gear, this time in heroic at minimum. I also see from picking up and completing several solo instances that there doesn't..currently at least...seem to be a solo avenue to farm these.<br /> <br />In PoP my guild got to T4 content requiring a full set of black slots with about 2 months left in the expac, only to find that about a group worth of raiders did not have enough gems to get said blacks. The reasons they didn't have them ranged from newly back to game to just plain didn't want/couldn't do anything outside of raid. Needless to say this was a huge bummer for my guild. We weren't happy with those people..at all, especially those that played the entire expac. In fact we were downright mean to them. Trying to 3 group the highest tier mob in the expac = not fun and they let the whole guild down by not being prepared. I'm not making excuses for them but the mechanic definitely showed itself to be problematic in our situation.<br /> <br />That said, since the gems are still a mechanic I want to offer this situation just as something for the development to consider. If the gems required to raid aren't readily available either in raid, or by some sort of solo-able means (they did add the tradeskill line that gave them but apparently this was too little too late for some of these folks) I'm forced to throw down the gauntlet this expac and push these raiders out of my guild. If I do that these folks will likely quit eq2 and cancel subs. I don't see how this is healthy for the game to be honest.

Sigrdrifa 11-03-2018 12:39 AM

I dunno about your guild, but the group I raid with has plans upon the xpac release to get together on raid nights, split into four groups, and go run quests then heroics so we get the sig line key and the requisite gems. DKP will be added or subtracted as appropriate.<br /> <br />We don't allow people to roll on armor patterns that require gems unless they have the gems in hand, so that also provides incentive.

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