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Caith 10-27-2018 04:10 AM

QUESTS<br /><ul><li>All Chaos Descending quests now grant ascension experience upon completion.</li><li>An Air Apparent: A Stratus Cloud – All servitors of air now update this quest. </li><li>An Air Apparent: A Cumulonimbus Cloud - Spelling has been corrected.</li><li>What Stings and Burns – The number of fire wasp eggs required has been reduced, but now also requires fire wasp larva chitin.</li><li>Mercenary armor and mercenary accolade rewards have been added to many adventure quests.</li><li>Fuel to the Fire: A Chunk of Carbon - Quest target requirements have been reduced.</li></ul>ZONES<br />General<br /><ul><li>Some zones, such as Myrist, will will suppress your mount appearances to prevent large mounts from smothering important NPC's. This restriction will not prevent you from gaining the mount ground speed.</li><li>Updated several mercs who were not receiving the Fount of Power when they should have been.</li></ul>Plane of Justice: Eternal Prisons<br /><ul><li>Balgros' challenge level has been reduced.</li><li>Mercenaries are now allowed to enter the zone.</li></ul>Bellengere's Dark Spire<br /><ul><li>a Vul adherent and Fathad Zastim have had their damage reduced some.</li><li>Mercenaries are now allowed to enter the zone.</li></ul>Eryslai: The Bixel Hive [Heroic]<br /><ul><li>The range from Aurorax at which Light Wave can be removed has been reduced.</li></ul>Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind<br /><ul><li>Nilborien windrakers and skyhunters have had their aggro range reduced.</li></ul>Deepwater Retreat<br /><ul><li>The housing portal item should now display correctly.</li></ul> <br />ABILITIES<br />Coercer<br /><ul><li>Increased the Crit Bonus Overcap granted by Enhance: Mind's Eye.</li><li>Enhance: Mind's Eye will grant Crit Bonus if the caster is over level 100.</li><li>Mind Mastery will grant a small power ward to Manaward, if the caster is over level 100.</li><li>Hastened Mana will decrease the base reuse time on Manacloak, if the caster is over level 100.</li><li>Overflowing Mana has chance to clear the reuse on both Channel and Channeled Focus, if the caster is over level 100.</li><li>Enraging Demeanor will increase the Fervor and Fervor overcap of the target, if the caster is over level 100.</li></ul>Druid<br /><ul><li>Spirit of the Wolf grants stealthed movement and in combat runspeed, if the caster is over level 100.</li></ul>Enchanter<br /><ul><li>Increased the amount of melee damage multiplier granted by Quickening, if the caster is over level 100.</li></ul>Mystic<br /><ul><li>Ancestral Avatar increases Crit Bonus of the target if the caster is over level 100.</li><li>Spirit of the Mammoth increases crit bonus of the group if the caster is over level 100.</li><li>Transcendence grants max hp percentage if the caster is over level 100.</li><li>Ritual Healing grants max hp percentage if the caster is over level 100.</li><li>Rejuvenation grants max hp percentage if the caster is over level 100.</li><li>Weapon Mastery grants Crit Bonus, Crit Bonus Overcap and Fervor to the casters doggo, if the caster is over level 100.</li><li>Spiritblade will grant Crit Bonus to Bolster and Stampede of the Herd.</li><li>Ferocity of Spirits will no longer incorrectly state it grants a Crit Bonus stat conversion increase , and will grant increased Crit Bonus.</li><li>Ferocity of Spirits will now trigger off of hostile ability casts and has an increased trigger percentage per tier.</li></ul>Shaman<br /><ul><li>Spirit of the Wolf grants stealthed movement and in combat runspeed, if the caster is over level 100.</li></ul>Ascension<br /><ul><li>Set fire to the Blistering Waste Elementalist ability and built a new one to see if the sacrifice will please the beta server.</li></ul>ITEMS<br /><ul><li>Sent Sudent equestrians back to school to learn how to spell Student.</li></ul>

Caith 10-27-2018 04:21 AM

Public Quests<br /><ul><li>Eryslai, Winds of Twilight [Public Quest] can be accessed from within Myrist, the Great Library's Elemental Portal Gallery. The portal to this new public quest is open for 1 hour, every 3 hours, similar to the system used within Coliseum of Valor.</li><li>A mission is also attached to this public quest which may be turned in to Dr. Arcana near the portal.</li><li>Rewards have not yet been finalized for this public quest.</li></ul> <br />Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind<br /><ul><li>The whirlpool of honey below the Queen's Cell within the Bixel Hive should no longer be deadly.</li></ul>

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