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Jamiss 11-11-2016 09:58 PM

Note: This patch has already occurred<br /> <br />ZONES / POPULATION<br /><i>Crypt of Dalnir: Ritual Chamber [Solo and Heroic]</i><br /><ul><li>The order in which the runes must be activated within The Triad will be saved should all parties leave the zone before activating them.</li></ul>TRADESKILLS<br /><ul><li>The recipe book awarded by "Pirates!" now contains new recipes.</li><li>Scribbleclaw now also sells a Nye'Caelona Pine</li><li>Skaffir and Rakira should no longer be visible on the beach until the forst 5 minutes after the quest is completed (but should still be visible in Frillik Tide, ONLY if you are on quest raffik_100_exp13)</li><li>Twark Fungus should no longer be harvestable if you're not on Lyraquel's quest</li><li>Incense for "The Final Blow" should now be stackable, for reals this time</li><li>Each stage of the gardening goblin quests should now require a 23 hour waiting period while your seedling grows</li><li>The final garden you get from the gardening goblin can be harvested every 23 hours</li><li>Crafted potions now point at the correct effects.</li><li>The teleporter between Thalumbra and Nye'Caelona now also allows tradeskillers to come back. It can be used by tradeskillers who are on stage 9 (or beyond) of "The Killing Blow".</li><li>The gardening goblin mercenary now correctly displays a melee icon on his hiring window, rather than looking like a healer.</li></ul>ACHIEVEMENTS<br /><ul><li>Corrected an issue preventing the "Exploring the Woods" achievement from updating.</li></ul>ITEMS<br /><ul><li>Corrected stats on Crested Ring of the Iksar, Sebilite Chain Arms, Pristine Swifttail Satchel, and Hallgloom's Bow of Hobbling</li></ul>QUESTS<br /><ul><li>The Path of Fear - Interacting with Captain Delshirrs, and the Far Seas crew is much more forgiving for multiple groups and players who have progressed the quest, but have been interrupted.</li><li>The Triumph of Fear - Starting fires throughout the city is now a group update.</li><li>Insecticidal Mission Impossible - Quest is now available no matter how much faction you have with Nye'Caelona.</li><li>Insecticidal Mission Impossible - Awards Nye'Caelona faction if you have 9999 or less Nye'Caelona faction already.</li><li>You Can Still Kill Count on Me - Quest is now available no matter how much faction you have with Nye'Caelona.</li><li>You Can Still Kill Count on Me - Awards Nye'Caelona faction if you have 9999 or less Nye'Caelona faction already.</li></ul>

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