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Bloodyrose 06-25-2012 08:31 PM

<p>You see a female Iksar in a dress, washing her robe quietly. She merely looks at you for a moment before looking back at the robe, cleaning some finer details and speaking</p><p>"Ssso.. You are interessssted in The Eternal Brood? Good choice.." the woman says quietly, nodding her approval. She stays there and continues, checking for spots she missed</p><p>"The Eternal Brood is a clan of Iksar who have come together under a mutualistic goal; Teach the softskins to fear us and respect us!</p><p>However, despite such vicious seeming goals.." She stops for a moment, guiding you to a different room that was like a dark nursery, child Iksars playing with small toys.</p><p>"We care about each other like family. We care about our elders and young very much.. Though those unde- But every one of us give utmost respect to the leader of the clan.." She says quietly before leading you to a humble den of sorts, where there were two guards standing over a small dipped in seat of sorts.</p><p>She proceeds to step in between them and sit in the center.</p><p>"That's me.. I'm the leader of the clan.. .. I'm.. <em>The Brood Mother</em>" she says quietly, the guards putting their weapons in front of her to prevent any passage.</p><p>"Should you join us, you will find us all more hospitable than appears. While some of us may seem harsh.. It is only because trials have hardened us considerably. Though in truth we all care deeply for eachother. Whether you be one of the Iksar or one of the.. Ssssoftsskin.."</p>

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