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Bunji 11-05-2014 04:55 PM

POPULATION / ZONE PROGRESSION<br />Castle Highhold and Ssraeshza Heroic Instance have had levels adjusted better fit the progression of instances.<br /> <br /> <br />ABILITIES / ALTERNATE ADVANCEMENT<br />Savage Defiance now increases the stats by 5%.<br />Vital Trigger now properly sets its reuse on termination.<br />Shadow now properly hits its target, rather than the casters.<br />Sniper Squad now works more similarly to Shadow.<br /> <br /><i>Beastlord</i><br />Spirituality now increases Potency by 3% of the beastlord's base potency per rank.<br />Feral Rampage now increases the beastlord's ability damage by 3% per rank. This behaves similar to the new mythical effect.<br /> <br /><i>Wizard</i><br />Frigid Gift and Frostsword now work with all types of damage.<br /> <br /><i>Guardians</i><br />Focused Offensive no longer doublecasts combat arts in PVP.<br /> <br /> <br />QUESTS<br />Shattered Seas:Temple of Doom- All of the Shissar Codex buffs have been adjusted.<br />Minds Behind the Barrage - an Akhevan lifetaker and Akhevan attackers respawn much faster now.<br />Shattered Seas: Seeds of Malice - All updates within the "Ossuary of Malevolence: Primordial Altar" now update for the entire group.<br />Body of Work - Spiteweed lasts longer after attacking with rash, allowing more time to harvest.<br />Allu'thoa Abduction - Allu'thoa high shaman can no longer resist Corrith's Barbed Grasp.<br />Allu'thoa Abduction - Allu'thoa high shaman is much stronger now!<br />Shattered Seas:Temple of Doom- Shielding Scales, one of the Shissar Codex buffs is much more helpful!<br />Battlefield relief - Highhold defenders are now guaranteed to be spawned if their risen attackers are present.<br />Battlefield relief - The grouped risen Shralok and risen Mucktail attackers have had their Bone Tempest and Bone Bash attacks lowered.

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