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Kiintac 06-09-2011 05:42 PM

<p>Inquis seem to have the best of all worlds (buffs, DPS, and decent healing) is there any reason one would roll Templar?</p><p>I am just curious, NOT trolling.</p>

Dahmer 06-09-2011 08:02 PM

<p>Your forgot to mention their mythical cure which is godly op.</p><p>But to answer your question~ No, there is absoutly no reason why anyone should roll a templar over an inquiz.</p><p>If your a non raider and just want to solo/do grps whatever..your going to want to rock an inquiz</p><p>If you want to raid~ Well not many guilds want a templar on their roster anymore~ So yeah Inquiz all the way</p><p>I have heard way to many storys of templars loosing their spots on raids, and seen way to many betray this xpac.</p><p>IMO~ They need to give templars alot more surviablity~ maybe another stoneskin, make shield ally only apart of the templar tree, or give them a second cure to regain there "need" on raids.</p><p>Untill either of those things happens~ the templar is just going to be a dying/dead class.</p>

Odys 07-18-2011 05:51 AM

<p>In Em raiding we have absolutely zero healing issues but some curing issues from tme to time. Since all healers can complete heal their group within 2-3 sec i don't really why anyone would prefer a templar.</p><p>Steafast and shield ally are shared by templar/inqui and group alacrity and divine aura too.</p><p>I don't know the details of the SF/TSO templar trees but i don't think it balances the massive dps buf you get from an inquisitor and the godlike  cure (can be used while moving, can be used if stunned).</p>

Kunaak 07-25-2011 06:49 PM

<p>we dont have a single templar in raid any more, our MT templar betrayed.</p><p>thats not to say the templars dont offer some incredible buffs or heals, but that the minor losses you get from losing a templar are easily made up with what you grain from a INQ.</p><p>my cleric is still a templar - but I am not sure why. I have 4 healers, all in rygoor armor or better. 2 druids, 1 shaman, 1 cleric. my templar is without a doubt a very powerful healer, but what I find is, DPS is more important lately then heals, most fights have simple complicated scripts, and low to moderate amounts of damage, so unless you have a true paper tank, the templar feels like overkill.</p><p>with how complicated these scripts on mobs are becoming, anything thats killing some mob faster, seems better.</p>

LardLord 07-25-2011 07:20 PM

<p>One of our Inquisitors betrayed back to Templar last night because he got tired of helplessly watching as AEs 1-shot his tanks. </p><p>But outside of certain situations in hard mode raiding, no, I can't really think of any reason. </p><p><strong>EDIT:</strong> Well, certain situations in HM heroic zones could make a Templar useful, too. Basically, anything that isn't "hard mode" just doesn't hit hard enough to make a Templar's awesome defensive capabilities very useful.</p>

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