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Ama 01-04-2008 03:01 PM

<p>Here's hoping everyone had a happy new year.  To prove your's truely isn't slacking this year i've added 30 new items to the EQ2Item folder for my site.  Like before I added in the item codes for linking and a picture of the item itself.  I've even managed to get my hands on possibly one of the coolest item codes out there.  (I deffinately tip my hat to the developers that made this item). <a href="http://mmodomination.com" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">MMODomination.com</a></p><p><img src="http://mmodomination.com/EQ2Items/Shield/Storm.jpg" alt="" width="306" height="497" border="0" /></p><p>Also want to come in and say my site maybe down starting January 10th because I am shifting to a new platform with the service provider I have.  Hopefully the transition will go smoothly and I won't experience any problems *crosses fingers*.  </p>

MikesterBrau 01-09-2008 04:30 PM

   That is pretty awesome and good luck with your site!

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