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Faildozer 10-24-2012 02:22 PM

<p>Hard to test this zone in its current state but basically all the mobs in the zone minus the few guarding the captive npc and then the first named are solo mobs and not heroic.</p><p>It appears that the first named should drop an item to start the zones progression where it looks like you have to go from area to area unlocking, harvesting and then refining an item to use at the end of the zone. The first item which im going to assume is the solvent to unlock the chest did not drop and we could not find it anywhere.</p><p>Stuff respawns at a pretty quick rate as well, not sure if this is intended or not and may explain why the trash is solo but makes for a frustrating zone to try and look around and find missed things.</p>

Headhuntre 10-29-2012 12:51 PM

<p>Love the layout and art work!  Cannot find key or whatever to open door on bottom level. Guardian of the Deep will respaown as many times as you wish to run the event. Thlnk the mops and the named could be harder.</p>

Frezzyisfuzzy 10-30-2012 04:48 PM

<p>Tried to do this zone last night with two friends.  First bug we had was that two of us could not click the portal that moves you to the lower level after killing the group of three nameds in the mining area.  If it matters, the one who could click it was a guardian, and the two of us that couldn't were inq and coercer.  We were all using drumsui.</p><p>After we tinker called down, we couldn't get the crystal ring events to work properly.  The guardian and I were both able to click the crystal shapers up the ramp, but the coercer couldn't.  Only the guardian was able to click the polishers on the ground level.  Also, none of us had the crystal items in our bags at first.  After relogging, they appeared in our bags, but we were still unable to acquire the polished crystal no matter how many times we did the event.  Also, the mobs that appeared after selecting to polish the crystal were linked before we relogged, but unlinked afterwards.</p>

Calthine 11-06-2012 05:10 PM

<p>I just zoned in thinking it was a solo instance and the first mobs were 98 Heroic.  Which is it?</p>

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