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Luhai 06-02-2011 05:58 AM

<p>So I decided to try out the BGs again after GU 60.</p><p>I zoned into the lobby and queued for all BGs. Tundra started and we had 3 people on the red side and 2 on the blue one.</p><p>Plus 2 more people being white (level 90) and not being able to attack anything or be attacked. Needless to say they didnt get any tokens.</p><p>After Tundra ended we built a group of three and queued for another round of BG. This time we got Klak.</p><p>When it started there were no red and no blue players, just 5 white players standing around and of course not able to pick tup he relic or do anything.</p>

Luhai 06-05-2011 07:29 AM

<p>This is still an issue. Every player zoning into the Klak'Anon BG will be marked as spectator.</p><p>I guess that's intentional to  force people to run Frozen Tundra again and again and again :p</p><p>edit: who came up with that awesome idea to make us run Tundra for 180 times to be able to buy the new chest piece?</p>

Eyema 06-18-2011 11:25 PM

This is happening repeatedly. About 6 Gears matches today all bugged, with no team assignments. The worst of it is, when you arent assigned to a team (white/spectator) you still get a truancy. Thats totally bogus. Its one thing to miss a match but another to get flagged truancy for 5 minutes when the game bugs out. Please have someone look into this. Thanks

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