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Bunji 10-11-2014 02:31 AM

This update is expected to hit Beta around midnight PST.<br /> <br />STREAMING CLIENT<br />Fixed an issue where the streaming client could crash when managing assets in the new overland zones.<br /> <br /> <br />EQUIPMENT SETS<br />Equipment Sets are a new feature intended to simplify equipment management and remove the need for clunky equipment swapping macros.<br /> <br />Players may access Equipment Sets via the new Sets tab in the Equipment and Appearance sections of the Character window. A maximum of 20 Equipment Sets (10 Adventure/Tradeskill, 10 Appearance) can be created. Creating a new set will copy your existing gear to it. Equipment Sets can then be equipped via the "Equip" button in the Equipment Sets window or with the slash command /equip_equipment_set [0|1] "[Set Name]", where 0 is an adventure/tradeskill set and 1 is an appearance set.<br /> <br />Examples:<br />/equip_equipment_set 1 "Pretty in Pink" would equip an appearance set "Pretty in Pink" (and you know you are!).<br />/equip_equipment_Set 0 "Max DPS" would equip an adventure/tradeskill set named "Max DPS."<br /> <br />Items that are a part of an equipment set will display tooltip information indicating such and also have a background color to help prevent accidental obliteration.<br /> <br />Known Issue: Currently, when opening the Persona window you'll be unable to scroll down the Stats pane unless you first switch to the Sets tab and then switch back to the Stats tab.<br /> <br /> <br />GENERAL<br />Added option to default applying Adornments to manual selection. You can find this option under User Interface - Game Options - Manually Select Items to Adorn.<br /> <br /> <br />POPULATION / ZONE PROGRESSION<br /><i>General</i><br />Experience rewards in many contested dungeons will be reduced for players over the intended level.<br />Pirate Cove and Cathedral of Bone Solo and Advanced Solo dungeons will now allow 2 grouped players into the same instance.<br /> <br /><i>Ssraeshza Temple [Solo] and [Advanced Solo]</i><br />Poxrata's adds are no longer immune to control effects.<br />The Earthen Behemoth's adds are no longer immune to control effects.<br />Kavis Set'Ra's Wave of Poison should inflict less damage less often.<br />Luclinite Fangs should inflict much less damage now.<br />The Earthen Behemoth's ability, Earthbound, should no longer outright kill you if left uncured.<br /> <br /><i>Castle Highhold</i><br />It should now be clearer what spheres must be activated to reach Sa'Dax Senshali when he teleports skyward.<br /> <br /><i>Brokenskull Bay: Bildgewater Falls [Solo and Advanced Solo]</i><br />Lady Bipsie no longer summons bouncers that are the incorrect level for her encounter<br />Lady Bipsie now gives a few more seconds to avoid her Long Distance Relations spell<br />Smooth-Talkin Duncan Togglecog no longer summons bladestorms of the incorrect level<br />Captain Berlon Bilgewater no longer summons crewmembers of the incorrect level<br />All bosses have been taught how to punch, kick, bite, cheat, steal, etc… Just all around more piratey!<br />Corrected some issues that caused some pirates to show as triple up encounters<br />Corrected some issues that caused some pirates to have more hit points than intended<br />Corrected the revive points for both solo zones to send you to the correct zone<br />Brought back the rum, apparently it was gone.<br /> <br /> <br />TRADESKILLS<br />Weaponsmith recipes now use the correct reaction arts.<br /> <br /> <br />QUESTS<br />ROIs have been added to overland quests in Tranquil Sea.<br />Ceremonial Vestments and Condiments - Midner's Allu'thoa High Shaman Illusion can no longer be hidden.<br />Putting Down the Walking Dead - Quest journal has full text.<br />Momentary Peace for Bloody Kithicor - Quest journal has full text.<br />Coin in Remembrance - Quest journal has full text.<br />Shattered Seas: Dark Threats on Dshinn - Quest journal has full text.<br />Field Bandage - Directions to the impromptu beach camp has been corrected.<br />Shattered Seas - Dark Forest of Legend - Quest journal has full text.

Endymion 10-11-2014 04:29 AM

Equipment Sets actually went live today if you want to check them out!

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