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ChrisMarchant 07-03-2012 10:31 AM

<p>Farmer Walcott is standing in one of the burrows.</p><p>Suggest that he be moved as he's within the PQ range, and so a lower level char turning a lower level quest in can get targetted by the PQ mobs.</p><p>Other than that the small bit I did was enjoyable, but the aggro of the mobs was high.</p><p>I was solo and 3 elite gnoll lancers at once is not survivable, and that's as a level 21 Fae BL.</p>

ChrisMarchant 07-08-2012 07:01 AM

<p>Please tone down the aggro level and range of the mobs.</p><p>Please move farmer Walcott so that lower levels ie below level 20 can safely do their quest turn ins, and get his quests.</p>

Cloudrat 07-16-2012 02:59 PM

<p>These mobs chase you halfway across Antonica  even if they are grey to you.  Just walking in the area gets you aggroed. It must really be bad for lower levels who are there to do farmer's quests.</p><p>Should move the lowbie quests from the area or put the pq somewhere else.</p>

tkia 07-16-2012 03:54 PM

I vote for putting the pq somewhere else entirely. That area is used by multiple seasonal events that are supposed to be doable at very low levels.

ChrisMarchant 07-17-2012 08:24 AM

<p>Yes, the avatar on Brewday, the race events for Erollisi and Frostfell, those are the ones that spring to my mind straight away.</p><p>The aggro on the mobs is so high, the gnoll elites on step 2 chased my level 20 coercer almost all the way to North Qeynos gates yesterday, and then as far on the other side a little later. Had to sneak in, pull my mob, and then run away with gnolls and my mob chasing me, until gnolls gave up, then kill my mob. I was doing the mites and screcrows. And then got aggroed by mobs trying to turn the quests in.</p><p>My coercer is level 20 with 78 AA, and lower level chars would have no chance.</p><p>With farmer Walcott in the area, also the quest to retrieve the book from the tree, and the bandits, that is right in the centre of the PQ.</p><p>I understand they want the PQ close to Qeynos, but can't they put some fields and the PQ on the other side of the road, south of the existing fields, that area isn't used at all, and wouldn't be close to any existing quests or live events.</p><p>Just sent a PM to Gninja on this, hope that helps. Have mentioned it to Cronyn when he was on test server last week as well. No response so far, but did pointout to GNinja that leaving gthe PQ as is will mean rejigging of races on Live Events later, perhaps that will help, lol.</p>

Koleg 07-17-2012 12:00 PM

<p>Please.. Please make Flippy Darkpaw storm Qeynos once again like in EQ1.  That was awesome and would be truly EPIC if he returned to lay siege once again.</p>

Whilhelmina 07-17-2012 12:46 PM

<p>/supported</p><p>I think the PQ should be moved a bit in a less used area. Closer to crater lake or on the other side of the aqueduct, but not right in the middle of the newbie quests and live events.</p>

redwoodtreesprite 07-18-2012 10:34 PM

<p>I just started a new character on Test to see how this affects the basic questing in Antonica.  At level 10, I did part of the patrol, then sidetracked to the farmfields to talk to the farmer.  This was at a bit before the hour, for the beetle quest.  Killed some beetles, then suddenly was surrounded by level 20 gnolls that rooted me and quickly killed me.  I could not even try to run away.  Rezzed at one of the choices, seemed far enough away from the gnolls.  Started to do this post.  My son was watching the gnolls from a good distance, almost to the road on the other side of the fields.  His low level character was killed as well.  He brought in his level 30 ogre assassin and started fighting the gnolls.  Suddenly he said, you're being attacked!  I went back to my game window, and sure enough, a gnoll had run all the way to the rez location to attack me.  I ran along the road towards the North Gate, then along the moat.  As I was doing this, two gnolls my son was in combat with broke from the combat and ran towards me.  I was VERY far away!  They did not break off till I was past the south gates of Qeynos, almost to the Gryphon.</p><p>NOT GOOD!!!!!</p><p>There was NO warning!  The guard should have done what the dwarf does in Butcher Block, when you are at the one gryphon and are too low level.  Call out to you and tell you to leave the area.  This should be done anytime it is getting close to PQ time!</p><p>Also, WHY IS THERE NO ALERT OF THIS WHILE IT IS GOING ON?????  Sometime like orange letters saying "The gnolls are attacking again."  There is no excuse to put this sort of PQ in such a low level area, and right where players need to go for so many quests!  For that matter, why gnolls?  It should be scarecrows, ending with a gnoll animator and summoned scarecrow henchmen.  This would fit in with quest lines already established for Antonica.   And it would be a lot more interesting than these waves of uber gnolls slaughtering low levels that are even across the road and far from those farm fields.</p>

Calthine 07-19-2012 03:54 AM

<p><cite>[email protected] wrote:</cite></p><blockquote><p>/supported</p><p>I think the PQ should be moved a bit in a less used area. Closer to crater lake or on the other side of the aqueduct, but not right in the middle of the newbie quests and live events.</p></blockquote><p>I agree.  Great idea, poor location.</p>

redwoodtreesprite 07-19-2012 12:44 PM

<p>Even at the lake is a bad place, as there are so many low level quests that bring you either to there or right around there.</p><p>WHY IS THERE NO NAME RESPONSE TO THIS THREAD?</p><p>This is a very severe issue, it is almost impossble to quest anywhere around those fields without being attacked.  My son did more questing since my last post, and those gnolls were running to him many times when he was far away from the fields.  VERY far away.</p><p>This PQ should either be delayed, or fixed.  Right now, it is in a very bad place, and the gnolls aggro from an absurd distance away.  Also, some root you, they should not do that, as it can make it impossible for a low level to try and flee from them.</p><p>Why not move this to the bug fields on the other side of the aquaduct at least?  PLEASE, do something about this PQ before it goes live????</p>

ChrisMarchant 07-19-2012 07:40 PM

<p>I PM'd Cronyn and GNina about this. Got a response from Cronyn to my PM, he said he couldn't sticky this thread as important, but he'd ask if it could be at todays meeting.</p><p>As to actual comments on the issues raised, no response from either, but hopefully it will be raised at the meeting.</p><p>Agreed as the PQ stands it is very dangerous to any newbies, at least the CL one is further away, and you are sent there for only 1 quest below level 20. And at least you can get to the quest mobs needed without being aggroed by the PQ mobs.</p><p>The range for the Antonica PQ mobs is frightening. and they seem to be worse the lower the players level is, the range for my 20 coercer sounds shorter than the mostly recently reported ranges. She didn't have to go all the way to the gates, or all teh way to Sayers, but she was well away from fields when her gnolls turned back, but the elites on step 2 have a much larger aggro range.</p>

Katz 07-19-2012 08:41 PM

<p>As far as I can tell no one is doing the commonlands PQ.    When it first came out a group of us went to do it once.  It was going ok then the sledge hammer of wow this wave is a million times harder than all the others wiped us, more than once.  And at the end I got no reward.   I don't know if the PQ there was adjusted, repaired, or otherwise looked at again, I've not bothered to try it again.  </p><p>Hopefully the Antonica one goes better, but given the potential harm it can do, please move it away from the quest areas.  </p>

ChrisMarchant 07-22-2012 07:52 AM

<p>Just sent a PM to Kaitheel, perhaps he is unware of the effect the PQ will have on his live events. And perhaps he will have some clout in getting the issue addressed.</p><p>We're fighting a losing battle on this PQ by the look of it, and I hate to think of the masacre of the lowbies on the live servers when this hits, over the first day or so.</p><p>Antonica will become a ghost quest zone as after the lower levels get killed a few times by this PQ, they won't bother doing any quests in this zone.</p><p>They don't have much time to adddress this, so it prob won't get sorted before this goes live.</p>

Cyliena 07-23-2012 12:46 PM

<p>There's a few issues with this PQ:</p><p>1. The location is terrible. Putting level 20 mobs in a level 8-10 quest area is simply a BAD IDEA. Either make this a level 10 PQ, move it to the farmlands by Thundering Steppes (or TO Thundering Steppes), or move it to a vacant spot in Antonica (like /way -384, -2, 358).</p><p>I was doing this on a level 90 Troubador (255 AA), with my Inquisitor mercenary, mentored down to level 25. My gear is mostly Legendary from Icy Keep and Sentinel's Fate era.</p><p>2. The third stage I got the task of killing 45 (!!) Elite Gnoll Lancers. These were the ^^^ heroic version. <strong>They had so much health that I did not kill a single one before I finally died about 3-4 minutes into this stage.</strong> Lower their HPs.</p><p>3. The final stage the task is to kill Overseer Kharth. I never saw Overseer Kharth; instead it was a single Elite Gnoll Lancer that was ^^^. Since it was only one, I managed to defeat it with about 1.5 minutes left on the timer. It *did* update the stage, but the mob was not named correctly. (<a href="http://i47.tinypic.com/2a4yg0h.jpg" target="_blank">screenshot here</a>)</p><p>4. I'd love to loot my treasure chest and get my reward for spending 15+ minutes working on this PQ, <strong>but there is none</strong>. Thanks?</p><p>5. The farmers and guards very rarely assisted. The only time I saw two farmers and one guard assist was when a gnoll AoE happened to hit a few during stage 2.</p><p>6. My mercenary constantly has that quest feather showing that *he* is a quest update in this PQ area. Maybe I can loot him for my treasure? (<a href="http://i46.tinypic.com/1ihhk2.jpg" target="_blank">screenshot here</a>)</p>

redwoodtreesprite 07-26-2012 02:20 AM

<p>Is this still being worked on?  As I encountered aggro problems on live similar to what I experienced on test.</p><p>Also, while the countdown warning is nice, it is not always there when it should be.  The PQ can sometimes last a looong time too, as I found it still going on over 42 minutes past an hour.  And of course no warning it is happening.</p><p>Last, what is with the field down by the covered bridge?  With the burrows and gnolls popping out?  I saw a character fighting gnolls there while the PQ was happening near Qeynos.</p>

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