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Caith 10-24-2017 05:34 PM

POPULATION<br />Plane of Magic<br /><ul><li>Increased the spawnrates for many quest targets.</li><li>Corrected the level and tier on fishing stonestalkers.</li><li>Khali'Yrzu's Artisan Mesa and Khali'Vahla's Artisan Terrace have been moved. Access is now earned via quest advancement.</li><li>Veined ore in the Plane of Magic can now be harvested.</li></ul> <br />QUESTS<br /><ul><li>Added more placements of crystallized aether for the quest Queen's Favor.</li><li>Added more placements of subversion founts for the quest Fount Duty.</li><li>Caught Slime-Handed - Clarified the directions to the trap site.</li><li>Counterfeit It to Win It - Metetherial ewers in Khali'Yrzu are no longer below ground.</li><li>Dazzle and Delight - Flickering ignus are more plentiful and respawn faster now.</li><li>Deleting the quest All's Wells should now properly remove her medallion from your inventory.</li><li>Doomsday Prep - Quest journal and NPC dialogue now specifies the kiln is located in Khali'Vahla's Artisan Terrace.</li><li>Elishuru is now properly visible in Khali'Yrzu for "No Pride to Speak Of" and "Right in the Nose."</li><li>Joy in Knowledge - an Allyrian flask now has a complete description.</li><li>Joy in Knowledge - An Allyrian poultice is now associated with this quest.</li><li>Joy in Knowledge - Badalsonu's Escape Beacon is now associated with this quest.</li><li>Joy in Knowledge - Deletion of the quest now removes an Allyrian flask from the player's inventory. </li><li>Joy in Knowledge - Deletion of the quest now removes an Allyrian poultice from the player's inventory.</li><li>Joy in Knowledge - Deletion of the quest now removes Badalsonu's Escape Beacon from the player's inventory.</li><li>Koyame's Elemental Study - The elementals are more plentiful and respawn faster now, and the earth and fire elementals have a higher chance of spawning.</li><li>Legacy of Power, the Planes of Prophecy signature quest line is now being offered by Aunsellus Tishan, on Scintillating Spires isle.</li><li>Material Evidence - The fused brinidine will no longer be awarded through the quest, as it is on kills.</li><li>New effects have been added when using Uelmondi's Ornament for the quest "Professional Opinion."</li><li>Oh Ye, Of Riddle Faith - Feathers and fur should be easier to gather now.</li><li>Olinnisk is now properly visible in Khali'Yrzu for the quest "Further Applications."</li><li>Portal to the Aetherscar instance has been changed. It is now two objects playing a portal effect in the zone - one near the entrance and one closer to the ritual site.</li><li>Reduced the spawn timer for plumewit eggs for the quest "Land Development."</li><li>Salindis should now be in Metetherial Plains when she says she will be while you are on "Learning Their Place" and in some parts of "Dress Code"</li><li>Serving the Mindfold Matriarch - Quest journal and NPC dialogue now specify the ewers are in Khali'Vahla.</li><li>Seven Tomes and No Sense – Looting the seventh tome is now a group update.</li><li>Steal it All Back - Pakiat siamangs are more plentiful and respawn faster now.</li><li>Stripped By Striplings - Stolen Box is now a sign.</li><li>Sure as Shell - Tesakias gives a bit more direction as to the location of the volaserpent eggs.</li><li>Taliseda's book should now properly show for the quest 'Teacher Conference', when ready to initiate the conversation between her and Salindis.</li><li>The Candle is Learning - Deletion of the quest now removes the Filled Hemocapsule from the player's inventory.</li><li>The Candle is Learning - Quest advancement now removes the empty hemocapsule from the player's inventory.</li><li>The fight with Annuk'ka for Right in the Nose should now be a group update.</li><li>The infused soil has been enlarged, had an effect added, and added additional spots for the quest update.</li><li>The quest "Furthering Education" has been changed. All relevant steps in stage 1 should now complete in Esoterra Gardens, no longer requiring the player to leave to receive updates.</li><li>The quest "Professional Opinion" should properly remove Uelmondi's ornaments from your inventory when the quest is deleted.</li><li>The quests Tending Gardens, Crystals in the Rough, All's Wells, and Vetted Rocks should now be properly handed out after players complete Terra Forma, rather than after players finish The Majestrix's Trust.</li><li>The Silver Heart required for Furthering Education should now drop properly, as long as you do not already have a silver heart or the preserved silver heart in your inventory.</li><li>The Supreme Art of Teaching - Deletion of the quest now removes the fully formed starfire crystal from the player's inventory.</li><li>The Wick is Curiosity - a satchel of stolen crystals is now associated with this quest, one drops per player who needs it.</li><li>The Wick is Curiosity - Deletion of the quest now removes the satchel of stolen crystals from the player's inventory.</li><li>The wisp box placements for both "Light Studies" and "Lighter Studies" have had their visuals changed, which will hopefully make them easier to find. The number of available boxes has also been increased.</li><li>Updated appearance and added a new effect to the smooth aecilite stones for the quest Retaking the Test.</li><li>Updated the journal for the quest 'Terra Forma' to be more descriptive when Uelmondi is performing the ritual.</li><li>Updated the journal text in the quest Specific Resonance (and the follow up quest) to point to Metetherial Plains.</li><li>Updated the journal to be more specific for the quest Queen's Favor.</li></ul> <br />ABILITIES<br /><ul><li>Ascension ability icons have been updated to their final versions.</li><li>Desiccation is now an encounter spell.</li><li>Bloatfly now has the correct appearance...which is apparently ginourmus. The size of bloatfly will be reduced in a future patch.</li><li>Changed the description text on the TS beta medal, no change to the actual updates.</li><li>Veined ore in the Plane of Magic can now be harvested.</li><li>Alternate advancement and Prestige - Most dependencies for alternate advancement and Prestige abilities have been removed.</li><li>Characters now have grandmaster training choices at level 105.</li><li>Removed the following profession spells Noxious Efflux, Master of the Hunt, Fanatics Faith, Ancestral Mettle, Symbol of Marzin, Essence of the Great Bear and Bruising.</li></ul> <br />ITEMS<br /><ul><li>Leveling weapons no longer lose their effects.</li><li>Triggered effects on charms are now no-interrupt.</li><li>NARF! now sells beta scaling gear that can be used to test solo, heroic and raid content. This gear increases resolve, potency and fervor by amounts appropriate to the zone you are in. Narf can be found in the Plane of Magic at the spires. Known bug: The names got jumbled, but otherwise the items are correct.</li></ul>

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