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Caith 10-16-2017 05:05 PM

GENERAL<br /><ul><li>The level curve for post 100 has been drastically increased for both adventuring and tradeskilling, and the largest portion of experience should come from quests and completed dungeons. To further that end, experience multipliers will also now modify quest experience. For example your vitality will now increase the amount of experience from all sources.</li></ul> <br />BETA BUFFERS<br /><ul><li>Finch, the beta buff merchant is located in the Plane of Magic, at the spires.</li><li>Oliver, the tradeskill beta buffer exploded, so is missing while we collect all his parts and stich him back together.</li></ul> <br />ABILITIES<br /><ul><li>Class resolve buffs have been removed and all encounter resolve levels have been adjusted accordingly.</li><li>All Max Health debuffs have been replaced with debuffs that increase damage applied to the target.</li><li>Judication now increases Fervor and Fervor overcap instead of potency and is no longer based off of the groups potency.</li></ul> <br />ITEMS<br /><ul><li>You aren't the only thing more powerful in the planes. Several items, infused with the power of the planes themselves can level with you. An example of one such leveling weapon can be purchased off of the Finch, the beta buff merchant located in the Plane of Magic.</li><li>Rising Tide effects will now drop when out of combat. </li><li>Rising Tide effects will now modify Fervor instead of use potency conversions.</li></ul>

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