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IceSy 12-21-2012 12:45 PM

<p>I have a few questions for whom ever can answer this @ SOE.</p><p>1) Any idea on when we will be recieving the items we made? JChan (I believe) had state @ SOE LIVE that once a player's item hit the Market Place, we would get a "complimentary" one.  Also, will it be in parcels, our "claim window" or some other way?</p><p>2) Will we be able to have access to a "sales report" of some sort? Updated instantly, daily, weekly, etc?</p><p>An example of this would be: every time an item I made in IMVU sells, I get an e-mail and I can log into my "developer account" there and see a "real time" sales update. **I am by NO means suggesting that we get an e-mail for every item sold! It gets very annoying and clutters up my e-mail. **</p><p>3) Can we use screen shots that we take in-game and use them to make "paintings"? Such as "landscape" screen shots.</p><p>(I had another one, but brain is spacing atm as to what it was. LOL)</p><p>Thank you</p>

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