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S3V3R3NC3 09-11-2012 02:54 PM

<p>Can anyone explain exactly what hate mod does?</p><p>I was under the impression that, for example, if you had 100% hate gain and you say hit for 10,000 dmg, it would be like you hit for 20,000 dmg according to the mobs aggro.</p><p>Or does it only apply to taunts?</p><p>I ask just because I'm looking at the specs and adorns of all the top tier tanks and they dont seem to have any hate gain adorns at all.  Im confused as to why they would choose say 5 crit bonus over 13 hate gain.</p><p>I understand the cap is 100% but in raids with coercer and dirge hate you are still only at about 60%.</p><p>Thanks in advance!</p>

Ulrichvon 09-11-2012 04:21 PM

<p>You are correct that hatemod just applies a modifier to anything you do that generates hate, be that dps or taunts.</p><p>Many end game tanks are able to maintain agro via the buffed hate mod, and the additional threat transfers/siphons they receive.</p><p>For example, the Trak shield is broken again, and many of us are using it to siphon hate from our entire group, and with siphons/transfers and buffed hate mod, additional adornments are frequently not needed and/or the additional damage done from CB is more beneficial.</p><p>Hatemod adornments and gear are really just a factor of what each individual tank needs.  If your group/raid setups don't afford you enough threat to do your job, consider hatemod adorns, gear, or aa choices.   If you are able to hold threat without it, don't waste points on hatemod.</p><p>You'll also find you'll need all the other tanks on your raid specing similarly.  If I drop hatemod, but one of the OT's haven't, the chances of me keeping things off him are slim,  or really the point I'm trying to make is, the only agro problems we have are from other fighters.</p>

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