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02-02-2005, 05:50 AM
First off I'm a level 41 Paladin. Ok so to me it seems the Ebon Vanguard is a pretty nice fit for a Shadowknight/Bad PC, it actually suits them. And up until today I was happy with the look of the armor I chose, which is the Crude Iron Breastplate and Ebon Platemail Greaves. It was definately better looking than the the tier 3 armor. Now I wish I still had the tier 3 armor look, although not very suitable to a Paladin in the first place. Have you seen what they have done with the Crude Iron Breastplate and Ebon Greaves? It's now rustier than the darn tier 2 armor. I'm level 41 and I still have rusty armor? [Removed for Content]??? Where is our shiny Paladin Armor, are we not protectors of LIGHT. So now I have my choice of two different kinds of DARK armor. Well thats just great....SOE get your priorities straight. The look of the Crude Iron was perfectly suited to a Paladin/good PC pre-patch, now we can kiss that goodbye, GG SOE.The thing that ABSOLUTELY BOGGLES my mind, is that you could buy armor kits in Star Wars Galaxies that allowed you to change the armor color to whatever you chose, giving everyone freedom, and at the same time giving them a unique look. Why the hecl is it missing from this game? Just one of the many downgrades from SWG--->EQ2. GG again SOE. I'm very curious to see if I'm in the minority as a Paladin/Good PC that is dissappointed with the look of the high end armor. If I am not, we need to rise up and get this changed. This is supposed to be an RPG and right now I feel more like a descendant of Freeport than a Paladin.

02-02-2005, 07:14 PM
I was wondering the same thing...why is there no truly "shiny" armor for Paladins?A few NPC's in Qeynos wear really shiny armor, its what I drooled over when I was a Crusader working towards Paladin.I am quite positive that this will be fixed in the near future, or at least when the level cap is increased and SOE has to put out tier 5 + armors and weapons.As for the crafting, coming from SWG (was an armorsmith there as I am in EQ2) it was really cool how you could change the color and customize your creations, Tailors and Armorers should be able to change the color of the armors they craft in EQ 2, but again probably won't happen for a while, probably a few expansions down the road....