View Full Version : Solo: Paladin or Shadowknight?

01-20-2005, 11:55 PM
<DIV>I'm an old time EQ player who still loves MMORPGs but no longer has the luxury of long play sessions (due to family, job, etc.). As a result, I solo 95% of the time.<BR><BR>Since release, I've gotten a paladin (human) and shadowknight (kerra) each to level 21 (I've played a paladin or SK in every MMORPG). It's time for me to focus on one of the two for the long haul, but I still can't decide which one will fit my playstyle the best. Here is how I see things:<BR><BR>- Qeynos looks much better. Freeport is cool at first but the blandness has gotten old. This isn't much of an issue since very little time is actually spent in your home city after level 20. I like killing orcs more than gnolls though <IMG alt=wink src="http://media.ign.com/boardfaces/3.gif" border=0><BR><BR>- Paladin gets heals and defensive buffs while SK gets a pet (glorified DoT but fun nonetheless) and more offensive spells (including lifetaps). I honestly have no idea how this will pan out at later levels. Will the greater offensive potential of the SK outweigh the paladin heals? Or will the SK die faster and/or have more downtime?<BR><BR>- Paladin horse looks much better and a noble paladin is easier for me to feel immersed in. However, I really like the kerran model and there are way too many paladins.   Immersion is a very important consideration since I'll be playing this character for a long time.<BR><BR>- Lay hands can get you out of a bind, but so can Harm Touch and Feign Death. Skeleton form is a fun spell, and I think SKs get an evac at some point.<BR><BR>Am I missing anything?  Any suggestions? Thanks!</DIV>