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12-21-2004, 04:50 PM
<DIV>I was in a group yesterday and I was only tank, we had 2 sorcs and 2 Preds all going all out doing damage and exp was flowing nicely. We were pulling 4-5 grouped mobs sometimes ^ ones and no matter how hard they tried I never lost agr on any mobs. I had to log and i found a replacement tank a guardian when he first joined i inspected him like i always do cause I dont want to leave my group in a bad situation thats why I told the group i was inviting a tank for when I had to log he could replace me and they could continue fighting without haveing to find a replacement tank.  First thing that worried me was we were same lvl and I had more HPs and over 200 more ac then him. I figured he should still do fine hes a guardian and a good meat shield, so i logged off. I came back about 5 hours later and asked how everything went and "which I have now been added to the groups friend list as there new perm tank " they said If I ever left again they were just logging I said why what happened they said that the guardian couldnt keep agr on the groups they pulled said mages and preds and cleric kept getting agr. I said sorry hehe thought I left you in good hands. Goes to show useing shout and wards deff upsets mobs. Now this is no way saying guardians are crappy tanks and cant keep agr its just 1 guardian who apparently didnt know how to play his class at all cause i love guardians and if we get one whos got better ac then me i gladly let him MT and i just buff him and ward him . Just thought it was funny.. Just goes to show if you know how to play your class then youll never have problem getting group invites but if you dont know how to play your class word gets around fast hehe. That group will never have him tanking for them again. </DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>So all you other paladins out there keep us looking good and proud to be the tank class we are.</DIV>