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10-31-2018, 03:27 AM
First, I want to thank the developers for increasing the level cap on the Mercenaries to 20. Unfortunately, I think the time it takes to level was overlooked or kept status quo as a bad attempt at a cash grab with the DBC button. I choose to believe the former as the latter would also be a shot in the foot.<br /> <br />Leveling a mercenary up to the current level cap, of 10, takes 99 days. That is assuming you are on the ball and never miss a day from working, being sick, on vacation, etc. To go from level 10 to 20 now, takes an additional 300 days on top of the 99 already invested. Three months was reasonable so you can try out a few mercenaries a year, level them and have fun. Taking 10 months to go from 10 to 20 now, is excessive. Folks will no longer want to have a variety of mercenaries for different looks, different abilities, different roles, RP, etc. If you started the game today, that would be 399 days! Well over a year!<br /> <br />I propose adjusting the +2 scale that currently exists to a +1 day scale. This would mean having a mercenary level to 10 in 45 days. Additionally it means level 10 to 20 would take 145 days on top of the initial 45 day investment. That brings the total for a starting player to digestible 190 days. It slows down expansion consumption for existing players and is more inviting to new players. Selling mercenary crates in the cash shop is exciting at the moment, but would certainly experience a steep decline if mercenaries took roughly a year to level.<br /> <br />With regard to mounts all the above applies. You could keep it the same 99 days to slow the content consumption or convert it over to the 45 days (since the cap is currently level 10). An early conversion may save some programing pain down the road.

11-03-2018, 09:47 AM
i say every non allocade slot should be 5 days and the allocade slot be a regular amount its highly unnecessary to make a person waste 20+ days to not even get a gear slot then an additional 20+ days for one or just reduce merc lv to 15 or add 5 more slots to have 1 for each lv or maybe give a stat boost of some kind to the mercs base ungeard stats on the inbetween days so people dont feel so jipped