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10-25-2018, 04:20 PM
The Merc training to get the new accolade slots opened is not realistic. 300 day for the new training to get the last slot opened from the current 10 clots is not acceptable. Couple this with 90 day to get to level 10 and it really becomes unacceptable. 390 days. <br /> <br />Basically this means any merc I get on day 1 of this expansion will not be level 20 until after the NEXT expansion after CD makes this even more out to lunch. This discourages a new player and even old players from bothering to train Merc's in the first place or even changing to a better merc they may achieve during this expansion let alone knowing that most players may be leveling 2 or more merc's for various game playing. <br /> <br />Not sure what the best solution to this would be but a combination of reducing the time needed and removing the blank training levels may be needed. The max number of days should be well below 180 days needed to get to the last accolade slot. And this should not be relying on some mythical potion for training time as some of us will never get those due to game play and our professed bad luck. <br /> <br />This will also affect the use of mount training in the future.<br /> <br />Also as noted in another thread here, still can't put the new accolades made by Jewelers into the new slots. only the old ones can be equiped there. Still needs corrected. <br /> <br />Dye

10-26-2018, 08:15 AM
Option is probably coming soon to marketplace to speed up research for DB cash..formally known as Smedbucks.<br />;-)