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10-25-2018, 04:41 AM
Since alot has changed since i first did the quest lines on Beta. I was wondering if it will bug out if i delete my copy on beta then re beta copy from live

10-25-2018, 09:22 AM
i deleted first the did another copy. I ended up with 2 copys of my live house though

10-25-2018, 08:21 PM
It worked just fine for me.<br /><ul><li>If you copy the same character over as before while your first one is still existing on beta, the beta one gets overwritten and you'll end up with your copied char having an "x" at the end of the name.</li><li>If you delete the one on the beta server first and then recopy from live your new char will have the same name as on live.</li></ul>In both cases nothing you did on beta before will be kept and you start fresh over with quests, achievements and all.<br /> <br />Hope this helps.

10-29-2018, 03:44 AM
The answer to your question is yes and no. Let me elaborate with the rewards in mind as they are known to us right now.<br /><br />Yes, because there is a reward to /claim on live for finishing the Tradeskill signature line on beta, the mount with Tradeskill stats.<br />No, because there is no reward to /claim on live for finishing the adventure signature line on beta.<br /><br />If you are thinking of the mount with the slightly higher resolve and adventure stats, that comes from an achievement called "Vanquishing the Chaos" (or something close to this, doing it from memory, not in-game right now) which consists of 3 achievements. One being the adventure signature line, the second the 8 quests in the library and the third the quests in the outdoor zones where the library quests lead you to. The exact naming etc. you can find in your Achievements --> Quests --> Chaos Descending.<br /><br />Yes, you can call that nitpicking, but neither do I want to get tarred and feathered for giving out wrong information, nor do I want you to delete your character before you actually reached the goal you set out to do and then be utterly disappointed.<br /><br />In short... Once you reached your goals on beta, whatever they are, you can recopy the same character from live to beta and do it all again.

10-29-2018, 08:10 AM
So I could finish the TS and ADV Sig lines, get the reward in claim for live, delete that character on beta and recopy it and do the whole thing again with the same character and get the rewards for live?