View Full Version : Displaing Message of the Day with /motd

10-18-2018, 09:25 AM
Just a quick <b>info</b>.<br />While in an instance doing /motd comes up empty, when being in the library it displays correctly.<br />Would be helpful if it displayed correctly as well while in an instance.<br />Just came across this while attempting to click on the doors in Council's Stronghhold and they were not clickable. The info that this issue will be fixed with the update 10/18 does not show while in Council's Stronghold, which makes it a bit counter productive. <img src="/images/smilies/wink.gif" alt="Wink" />

10-18-2018, 02:51 PM
This does appear to be an issue on beta. Live seems to be okay, for now. It will be looked at in any case. Thanks for reporting this!