View Full Version : Personal (Dragon AA) Ward bugged?

10-18-2018, 05:45 AM
I realize this isn't specifically a Chaos Descending bug, but I didn't realize until looking at my parses in Beta, and cross-checking parses on Live, that the revised personal ward from Dragon AA (Scaled Protection for mages) does NOT match what the revised (Thurs Aug 2) percentage-based tooltips say. I mention it here because the CD potency and crit bonus reductions lower (at least some classes') DPS enough that a bugged personal ward means they can't survive.<br /> <br />Following example from a mage with approximately 72 million HP:<br />Current tooltip says ward is 33% of max health (so ~24 million) and should regenerate 25% of its value every 6 seconds, or approximately 6 million per tick. On Aug 1, the potency-affected regen was about 8 million per tick. On Aug 2, the regen was down to about 450,000 per tick - less than 10% of what the tooltip suggests it should be.