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10-17-2018, 06:32 PM
We take the time to do beta, and work with the devs to point out many outstanding issues that could be made better, or flat-out need correcting. Yet, most of the time, there's so much that needs done, that these lines can only be done once or twice per person. But the mounts offered are usually very cool looking, leading to a conundrum that I would love a mount on quite a few of my alts on live, for the appearance, but I can only get it on one or two toons.<br /> <br />Suggestion: Add a flag to these mounts so that when they are earned on beta, it flags for the entire account, as a once per character, instead of only one or two mounts. I think our time spent working with the devs in beta is worth it to flag the entire account.

10-17-2018, 07:11 PM
I believe the purpose of per character is to encourage folks to run the lines as much as possible with different toons. I wouldn't mind it per account as well though. <img src="/images/smilies/wink.gif" alt="Wink" />

10-18-2018, 07:40 PM
<img src="/images/smilies/smile.gif" alt="Smile" /> even if they were to accept and make it an account flag, i'd still run the line as many times as possible to learn it, and therefore either help to correct things that could use adjustments, give my (constructive) feedback on things I find disagreeable, or become an asset to my live community. When I plan to do beta, I usually try to get at least four runs in, and more if I can manage it in the time allotted.

10-18-2018, 09:43 PM
The problem with only rewarding the sig lines means that things like missions may or may not get tested. Maybe an infuser for every X number of instances/missions/non-sig-line quests per character and the mounts for the sig lines be account wide?

10-20-2018, 06:23 PM
I think this is a good idea. I have had the flu since the day after the beta began and it nearly turned into pneumonia, so I doubt I will get more than 1 of mine through both lines but I will still continue to test things, give feedback, scrutinize spelling and grammar, and all the other things so the expansion can be as bug free and polished as possible at release. But I would like the ability to claim the beta rewards on all characters on the account, I paid to do beta testing, I am spending my game time doing beta testing, beta rewards for the entire account would not be an inordinate request.