View Full Version : Suggestion for overarching class balance

10-17-2018, 06:05 AM
I've noticed over the past few months all the frustration regarding balance and large gaps between the top classes. One piece of this that isn't broken down as much is Ascension surges. unless someone with a top parse links their parse its not easy to tell how much this played a role and all everyone sees is a large number next to that class' name. In an effort to mitigate that I suggest having a slightly smaller surge window and any class that surges during that window gets the surge. at face value that probably seems like too much large spike damage but it would not be that hard to adjust ascension spell damage down to make up for the few extra surges this would cause. Realistically there are only a couple abilities that do ungodly amounts of damage when surged and they really shouldn't be anyway. Content shouldn't be balanced around ascensions IMO and I would love to see these be a smaller portion of more classes parse.<br />The smaller window would still require skill-coordination but would remove the random 1 person who reigns over the rest because his fiery happened to be the first to land. I suggest this with the knowledge that is often times me that benefits from these surges. I feel for my other t1 brethren who like me enjoy competition.