View Full Version : Healer *required* for solo zones ?

10-15-2018, 01:54 PM
I ( tank ) tried to help some guildies ( scouts ) run some solo zones ( for Waves of Order etc quests )<br /> <br />It seems impossible on run these zones without a healer as cure / mana potions have too a long a recast to deal with the frequency of how often we are getting dotted. That does even not include getting interrupted with KB etc while trying to cast them.<br /> <br />With a merc / player healer they are a breeze, is this intended ?

10-17-2018, 02:44 PM
A few expansions ago there were solo zones AND Advanced Solo zones.... the advanced needed a friend or healer or better gear to clear solo. Then the shift moved to just solo zones (which I agree with) but there are instances where a healer friend, or a merc does come in very handy. I do not think they are 100% necessary with other means such as potions etc, but it does make some zones alot easier.<br /> <br />I have been doing the zones with a healer merc for the past few expansions. I will try and do them without a merc and see how i fair.