View Full Version : Personal Ward (Scaled Protection) broken?

10-13-2018, 10:27 PM
I have found that the personal ward Dragon AA (Scaled Protection for mages) seems to be broken - It is supposed to ward for 25% of max health, and regenerate 33% of the ward every 6 seconds. With 72 million HP that should be an 18 million ward, regenerating at 6 million every 6 seconds - but log only shows 204,000 regeneration every 6 seconds. It's not a big deal with the really wimpy trash at the front of the fire overland, but makes the solo instances with a huge amount of damange, even from trash, very difficult.<br /> <br />Was it intended that the regeneration on the personal ward be dropped to about 1% of the ward per 6 seconds, or is this an accident?