View Full Version : T1 DPS Classes

10-11-2018, 10:01 PM
I apologize that this is a sensitive topic; but now that the new XPAC is in Beta there is no better time.<br /> <br />I would like to ask DBG what classes are considered to be top tier T1 DPS as we head into Chaos Ascending.<br /> <br />The reason I ask, is I would like to play such a class. I do not want to be playing a class that is reduced in DPS because of utility.<br /> <br />In the past, I've played (top 10 raiding guild) Healer and Swash. I have also played a DPS class. I understand that there will always be some imbalances (ideally not too large) between T1 DPS classes. However two things come to mind that incline me to ask for clarification. I have seen some fighters (with new rune) posting T1 dps numbers. So are fighters T1 for instance? I have also seen discussions on the forums that assert that summoners are T2 (not official of course).<br /> <br />So can a DBG representative clearly articulate which classes are intended as T1, as the class balancing that occurs with a new XPAC is currently ongoing? Or at least indicate you would prefer not to elucidate such a list.