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10-09-2018, 11:10 PM
Hello is is it really intended that we loose all potency stuff like divine potency/lvl 10 ascension potency/prestige etc?<br />I mean this means we loose roughly half our potency but gain some fervor?<br />This is a big dmg loss and for some classes like summoners where the fervor boost already didnt apply to swarm pets/abiilities etc that seems even like a even worse trade

10-10-2018, 04:35 AM
I haven't tested dps deltas yet but I lost ~39K potency and gained ~50 fervor when I logged in.

10-12-2018, 04:17 AM
I've lost 50k pot and gained only 20 fervor. I wish I got 50 <br /><div class="bbCodeBlock bbCodeQuote" data-author="Naneel"> <aside> <div class="attribution type">Naneel said: <a href="index.php?goto/post&id=6522463#post-6522463" class="AttributionLink">↑</a> </div> <blockquote><span class="ae_quote_symbol">“</span><span class="ae_quote_content">I haven't tested dps deltas yet but I lost ~39K potency and gained ~50 fervor when I logged in.</span><span class="ae_quote_symbol">”</span></blockquote> </aside></div>

10-16-2018, 10:59 AM
The new potency conversion stuff seems to be a general nerf and is totally imbalanced.<br /> <br />100k pot -> 53k pot<br />5k+ CB -> 3,5k CB<br />Fervor gain: 20

10-16-2018, 01:45 PM
100k pot -> 50k pot<br />4.8k+ cb -> 2.5k cb<br />Ferver gain: 70<br /> <br />Potency conversion Prestige changed to flat fervor buff<br />CB conversion Prestige large changed to flat cb overcap 25<br />deity potency changed to fervor<br /> <br />Had to reset all my reforging to get to 4k cb (not overcap)<br /> <br />I can't find a guild to use the training dummy to test skills.<br /> <br />Devs can you add the monkey to the beta Buffers?<br />I need something that won't kill me but will stay alive long enough to test abilites.

10-16-2018, 01:51 PM
Wont this change screw channelers?

10-16-2018, 02:51 PM
yeah really hard....channelers pet went from nearly 3 billion hp to 800 million ....... thats what i see on my channeler

10-16-2018, 03:10 PM
<div class="bbCodeBlock bbCodeQuote" data-author="Sakurra"> <aside> <div class="attribution type">Sakurra said: <a href="index.php?goto/post&id=6524073#post-6524073" class="AttributionLink">↑</a> </div> <blockquote><span class="ae_quote_symbol">“</span><span class="ae_quote_content">yeah really hard....channelers pet went from nearly 3 billion hp to 800 million ....... thats what i see on my channeler</span><span class="ae_quote_symbol">”</span></blockquote> </aside></div>Mine finally corrected itself but only sitting around 1b hit points. I also noticed that fount of power is acting weird with the pet. When you zone in, or die, it is setting the pet's health at 1. You have to toggle the buff on and off in order for it to fix.

10-16-2018, 03:39 PM
Sigh, time to main swap , thanks for wasting my money daybreak!

10-16-2018, 04:43 PM
Pot: from 127k to 59k<br />CB: from 4.920 to 3533<br />Fervor: from 130 to 162<br /> <br />Summarition: lost a big junk of dps - being far away from equal returns between pot<->fervor-swap.<br />Critbonus is also a major factor.<br /> <br />Pot/cb loss is too high, fervor gain too low - so far.<br /> <br />Everything is subject to change, after all.

10-16-2018, 06:16 PM
Basically they turned all the Scaling conversion abilities in to Fixed non scaling buffs which will be trivial in a few expatiations from now. For example Ancient Etherlord went from 18 percent pot and 3 fervor to 3.6 fervor and 3.6 fervor for a total of 7.2 fervor<br />Etherlord 18% Pot +3f || 7.2 fervor<br />Divine Pot 100 Pot and 58 percent Pot || 46.5 Fervor and Over cap<br />Divine Cb 100 Cb 50 over cap 58 percent Cb || 300Cb and 150 Over cap<br />World Ablaze 3% gear pot per stack || 3 Fervor per stack<br />Prestige(L) 3 Cb to 1 Pot || 7.5 Fervor 5 Over cap<br />Prestige (R) 20 Pot to 1 Cb || 35 Cb Over cap<br />Spell Bind(Dragon tree) 25% Base Potency ||13.5 Fervor.<br /> <br />Huge Dps lose for Summoner Pets since fervor does not share 1:1<br /> <br />My question is did they raise the Base fervor cap. if not people going to hit that cap really fast and probably nor hit cb cap for along time since Cb on gear has been reduce that i have seen to far. The new non armor gear has slightly More pot but a lot less Less Cb than before.

10-20-2018, 10:02 PM
All this calculation works if your values are low.. but with live Server solo 214 fervor a loss of 50% potency (from 123 => 62) always results in lower output unless you have mathematical<b> 528 Fervor</b> !!! (and i do not talk about not working 100% fervor transfer to pets)<br /> <br />Whatever happens please remember pets and all players that use pets