View Full Version : Writ cost.

11-08-2017, 05:09 PM
I just did a rush writ for the woodworker<br /> <br />had to do<br />3 entwood staff of force<br />3 entwood staff of spirit<br />got back1p 5g back at end of each staff order and 50g at turn in which should should mean 2p 60g or at least the pop ups showed that.<br />problem 1. staffs are 2 handers they cost 30 fuel at 3g apiece which is a cost of 2p 70g for each part of the order and you only give us back 1p 5g. so no we are not getting cost back with what you are giving us. I would not break even with what you planned to give us(math error)<br />problem 2. when I sold back the remaining fuel I found I lost 4P which is more then the math says I lost.(this is probably a coding issue)<br /> <br />btw ranged/one handers take 15 fuel apiece which is 1p 35g for making 3 of them. so when youy do a writ with 3 staff(twohander) and 3 wands it costs us 4p 5g for a net loss of 1p 45g(math error)