View Full Version : [Bugs/Feedback/Questions] Adorning/Transmuting

Niami DenMother
11-06-2017, 09:41 PM
<ul><li>[Question[ It appears there is only a single quality level of adornments, breaking the lesser/greater/superior progression of past tiers of white adorns. Is this intentional?</li><li>[Feedback] We will need Dilution/Distillation recipe books before we can really craft these in beta to verify that the crafting process is working properly for them. (Transmuting 30 mastercrafted belts, for example, yielded 28 planar powder, 2 infusions of the planes, 0 planar fragments, 0 planar mana. We'll need a way to convert between them in order to get fragments and mana to craft-test these.)</li><li>[Bug?] As others have mentioned elsewhere, there is no health/stamina adorn, and folks are bemoaning the loss already. Is this intentional?</li><li>[Bug - Cosmetic] Flavor text for planar mana, planar fragment, planar powder and infusion of the planes should likely say it is for 101 -110 adornments to differentiate it from the level 100 adorn mats. In addition, the luminous powder, luminous fragment, infusion of scale and polished mana from the previous tier, that currently also say they are for level 100-109 adorns actually make adorns that are level 96. Currently, it is impossible to tell at a glance (without knowing names) which belong to which tier of adorns when they're in the depot, as both sets sort to level 100 in the depot, and have the same flavor text.</li></ul>