View Full Version : [Bug] Bush Nodes wrong materials

10-28-2017, 01:54 AM
Stormstalk should be food item since it looks more like celery than a root <img src="/images/smilies/wink.gif" alt="Wink" /> And I couldn't get the rare root on food bushes either.

Niami DenMother
10-28-2017, 05:01 AM
Storm stalks are coming from both roots and fungi, probably to make up for the fewer types of common food harvests this time around.<br /> <br />I've been harvesting mushrooms just fine from the fungi nodes (I just re-tested it), so I'm not sure why you're not getting them. :/<br /> <br />I've also been harvesting the ultra-rare food harvest off the food nodes just fine

10-28-2017, 06:40 AM
I admit my sample size was small. I was gathering info for the wikia. It never occured to me that roots from bush nodes were intended. I'll update my article if it's intended behavior <img src="/images/smilies/smile.gif" alt="Smile" />

10-28-2017, 08:09 AM
I'm getting the common root, storm stalk, when harvesting bush nodes. Rock fern is also an option, but deadly mushrooms are not coming up (the other common food harvest).

10-28-2017, 02:07 PM
My super harvester spidy sense tells me that the harvest situation is not so much intended as mistaken in its implementation. Hopefully, harvests will be fixed before launch.