View Full Version : XP per combine

10-27-2017, 06:01 PM
147xp (+bonuses) for L101 spell made (220xp for expert) of 174million xp L101 to L102... Needs to be seriously increased. My characters took too long to get transferred to beta so I missed out on the 16% per writ xp, looks like any chance of getting the TS beta reward is gone since from what I hear this is intentional and what will be on live..

10-27-2017, 06:30 PM
If this is being considered same as xp per kill, this is intentional and what is planned for live.<br />Seriously though TS xp per level should not be the same a Adventure XP, <b>you do not gain anything</b> but the ability to make higher level items for levelling a TS class, and most of those will not help your character. 150/174 million xp (or 0.000086% of a level) per combine is practically nothing. Forget grinding arrows for a level at WW 103, potions for a level at alch 105, etc... the only items made will be on commission, and if the mats stay at 200 fish for an expert fuel + 400 other commons and 5 rare The only way I would make anything for anyone would be if they supplied every darn fish, leaf and bud for every item. (usually I don't even ask for tips)