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11-12-2016, 02:01 AM
I believe I am bugged on the Tradeskill Quest. OR this is one of those situations where I am looking at it so hard that I am missing something so obvious that I will be embarrassed. But either way, can someone help me please. I have pasted a list of the quests and which ones I have completed (C). I do not seem to gain faction simply by killing the group of exiles on the cliff edge camp. There is usually a guy with a quest at the very far edge of Nye'Caelona to give you faction, but he is not there. I completely emptied my buffs and detrimentals windows to make sure I had no illusions of any kind on. I have done the earring, shawl and ToT quests. <br />An Urgent Call-(C)--Forging Onwards-(C)--Into The Spire-(C)--Not Dead Yet-(C)--Getting Hooked-(C)--Feeling Crabby-(C)--Hung Out to Dry-(C)--<br />Live Bait-(C)--Gathering Shinies-(C)--Losers, Weepers-(C)--Requesting Blessing-(C)-A Finding Charm-(C)--Mission of Mercy-(C)--Bone Collecting-(C)--Scrying Eyes-(C)--Deeper Disguise-(C)--Gone Astray-(C)--Figurine the Profits-(C)--Search and Rescue-(C)--All Fens Goblin TS Quests -(C)--Temple Visitor-(C)<br />The Gardens are in Bloom - Taelonar (Gives Faction with Nye'Caelona needed for Stranger Friends) I was able to complete stranger friends by sneaking in carefully. <br />(((I do not have faction, the elves are still agro)(This is where I am stuck, Taelonar tells me to go away and Lyraquel has no feather and the guards kill me.))) So I still need to be able to do the following 4 Quests from Lyraquel:--Dying of Bore-dom--Soil and Trouble--Process of Elimination--Choose the Slug Life--and The Final Blow from Brytthel (and then Time is Short).<br />Sorry for the long post. Was just trying to answer any possible questions someone may have for what I had already done. I now have 3 toons stuck at this part. So what I am thinking, is that since the time that I completed my last one, something has changed in the way we are to get faction enough to speak to Taelonar?

Niami DenMother
11-12-2016, 02:09 AM
You now need to do Growf's quests up to "Seeds of Growf" before Taelonar should give you "The Gardens Are In Bloom". I'm not sure how you completed "The Gardens Are in Bloom" without him giving you 11K faction when you returned to him for the quest update. (Seeds is the last Growf quest before the Gardening Goblin quests)

11-12-2016, 02:17 AM
Oh wow thank you so much!!