View Full Version : Beta Update Notes November 1, 2016

11-01-2016, 04:58 PM
GENERAL<br /><ul><li>Achievements are now awarded for reaching ascension level 5 or 10. These will not be awarded retroactively on beta. The achievements are located in the General tab.</li></ul>ASCENSION CLASS MASTERS<br /><ul><li>Beta: Draught of the Ascensionclass have been removed from the beta buffers.</li><li>Beta: Guided Ascension potions have been removed from quest rewards.</li><li>Once the quest Kunark Ascending: A Nightmare Realized has been completed, ascension masters found throughout Obulus Plains will guide you through ascension.</li></ul>TRADESKILLS<br /><ul><li>The final part of the tradeskill signature questline is now available. Speak to Brytthel in Nye'Caelona. (Requirements: completion of "Stranger Friends", "Choose the Slug Life", and "Proof of the Pudding".)</li><li>The tradeskill beta buffer in Isle of Mara or Thalumbra will now help you complete "Proof of the Pudding" if needed.</li><li>Tradeskill signature questline dialog now has fancy blue dialog responses like other signature quests</li></ul>