View Full Version : Beta Update Notes October 26, 2016

10-26-2016, 08:24 PM
MERCENARY GEAR<br /><ul><li>Fixed an issue where adornments would not display they could be inserted into Accolades in their descriptions.</li><li>Fixed an issue where adornments not meant for Accolades could be applied to them.</li><li>Added "Accolade" slot to broker searches.</li></ul>QUESTS<br /><ul><li>Eye in the Mist - Entering either the Solo or Heroic versions of Spectral Market now updates the quest.</li><li>A Mist Call - Entering any versions of Reaver's Remnants now updates the quest.</li><li>Ghosts and Gooblins - The update for "the source of the goblin scream" is now harder to miss.</li><li>Kunark Ascending: A Nightmare Realized - Corrected an issue that granted several denizens of Vaedenmoor, Realm of Despair too much oomph.</li></ul>TRADESKILLS<br /><ul><li>Mastercrafted weapons now have updated appearances and icons.</li></ul>