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<b>An Urgent Call</b> - from mail - Speak to Brytthel ( in Maldura 370, 82, 26), she sends you to meet Queen Alwenielle<br />in Thalumbra -334, 240, 379. Queen-317, 47, 604 gives you "blushing umbrite" and sends you to speak to Elanluelle -488, 237, 349 whofinishes this quest and gives next:<br /><b>Into the Spire</b> - enter Arcanna'se spire at -60, 15, 164. Crafting instance, do not attack anything, just watch pathing of mobs and walk in between, the goal is to locate queen.<br />In first round room take a left and go into 2nd door, then walk into 1st open doorway, watch out for a guard that comes close, hug left wall and walk into first room on left. Queen is imprisoned by a spell in the middle, get close enough to get update without aggroing epic Lanys and Tserrina. Your goal now changes to create a distraction for the guards.<br />Turn back and hug right wall to doorway, turn right in hallway and follow to the end to room with a podium. Pick up scroll from the floor at 132, 2, -25. You receive Spire Guardian Resurrection Spells page, right click podium and "place scroll on the podium", Right click podium again and "use", this resurrects guardians and guards are now non aggro and fighting guardians. Your goal now is to find a way to distract others ( Lanys and Tserrina).Walk out of that room along hallway to the round room by entrance, take a right along wall and walk into 2nd closed doors, you come out into a little green garden-y area and you see another door just ahead of you at -31, 3, -10. Go in and into another door straight ahead, you are in a round room with a table in middle. Pick up scroll at -44, 4, 34 it auto scribes recipe for Explosive properties of magic crystals. Hop onto table and pick up candle wax, crystal fragments and smaller crystal shards, click on mortar and pestle on table and craft explosive crystals.<br />Exit the room and take door on the right, run through the end of this long room, to another small room, run thru that small room to another long hallway, take first right into open room with crates inside. Click crates and exit the room, hug left wall as Lanys and Tserinna run out and go to investigate. Enter the room with Queen at 105, 3, -66 and break 6 blue binding crystals around her. Speak to queen ( no feather nor book above her), she will send you, when you are ready, to wherever she sent some adventurers before you (she warns that spell might malfunction and send you wherever else haha, and so it does)<br />You wake up on a ship the Frillik Tide. In the brig, facing an iksar slave. Naked (only in appearance, unless you have some appearance items on you). Talk to him. He explains how you got there. You are tasked with retrieving your armor. Captain standing outside left door calls to you to come over. Go to that door. He's wearing your armor and after talking some smack he walks away. When you turn around back to iksar slave there's a rat next to him.<br />Talk to iksar, then talk to rat, you give rat some food and he goes away. After a moment he comes back and drops keys, click on rat to give him more food and now you are able to pick up keys. Really need to pay attention to yellow text now, as you will be given hints and directions what to do this way. Get ready to open the right door, there's a guard pathing outside of it. Wait for guard to walk to the left then CROUCH ( z key by default) and open door, walk just outside and close the door behind you, DO NOT GET CLOSE TO ANY OF THE SLAVERS. Hug right wall and pick up a pick laying on some crates, go back under the stairs and hug left wall to the other side of ship ( watch for guard) still crouching,carefully walk up the stairs, watch for guard on top, hug right and circle the guard from behind getting only as close as to be able to pick up the rope behind him. Examine pick or rope in your bags and combine them, you now have a grapling hook. The bowsprit ( beam) above you has a blue sparkly spot, click it to attach your hook.<br />Click rope to climb up then click the pick at your feet to pick up your hook again. Still crouching walk across to the next roof, watch for pathing guard, when you get to stairs on other side you will see a slaver walk out from the room below you and walk across to the stern, leave him alone for now. There is a crate by the door of the room he just walked out of. Check if you're still crouching, then go and click on crate to get inside it. Be careful of Captain just inside the door. Camouflaged as a crate slowly walk into room with Captain hugging left wall, pay attention to pink text and stop dead still, when you see him noticing a moving crate, and his companion responding, this happens twice. Hug left wall into the room with wine barrels adjacent to captain's room.<br />You will have to click off crate illusion in order to click on 2 sparkly spots to spill wine and then on green sparkly lamp on wall to set fire. Click on crate quickly to cmouflage yourself again and get out of the wine room back to where captain was, you should be heading north across deck to the room with lone slaver, the crate falls apart halfway, make sure you go back to crouching again.<br />Walk into the room (-1, 12, -38) and sneak up behind slaver, click on him to knock him out. Click on him again to take back your head gear. Go out of the room and back across the deck (south), when you get close to the rigging click on blue sparkly spot at 21, 21, 18 to climb the rigging. Watch out for lookout on top, look up and click sparkly spot on rope to climb up, again crouching, slowly walk across ( you can fall off if not careful) pay attention to gusts of wind, click rope to hold on when you are warned. This happens twice, you can move when the twister is gone from around your person. Carefully jump down on the right side of crows's nest ( guard is on left), go around mast to click on another blue sparkle to zipline across, go around mast and click another zipline spot, you landnext to cannon and knock out canoneer on arrival.<br />Pick up cannonball, walk over to the hole in roof, captain is walking around in the room below you, position yourself above him as much as you can and click him to drop the cannonball. Jump down and click captain to take back your gear. If you still have your grappling hook look up, click sparkly to get back up. If you forgot to take your hook, you will need to go out the long way across deck, rigging etc. You need to get back to cannon to click on barrel next to it, and shoot yourself out of there. Quest completes. You land on a beach.

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<b>from Vhesh on the beach in Obulus Frontier at 132, -239, -868.</b><br /> <br /><b>Not Dead Yet</b> - He insists you are some dead vampire type and you need<br />to prove you are not. He sends you to gather 4 stinky shrubs. These are trackable allium shrubs on cliffs around shore. <br />Do not get close to Bloody Tooth goblins above, you are still kos. Go back to Vhesh. He finishes quest but still doens't <br />trust you, tells you to come back later after he had some time to think. You will notice another quest opens down the<br />beach. It's Kreeg.<br /> <br /><b>Gathering Shinies</b> - must finish Feeling Crabby from Kreeg to get this - gather 5 shiny things (white sandy shilling shells on <br />beach, not trackable but visible), polish the sand shillings ( you auto scribe recipe when picking up first shell)<br />you will also need 5 tough vines to polish them. Speak to Vhesh.<br /> <br /><b>Losers, Weepers</b> - find 2 weeping willow wood ( trackable at the base of trees) and lonesome lily ( small flower on tiny island at -238, -234, -903) go back to Vhesh. You are given recipe for charm of lost things, craft it on goblin fire next to Vhesh.<br />he then sends you to soothsayer to get it blessed. (go to Glibnox quests section)<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /><b>from Kreeg at 21, -242, -869.</b><br /><b>Getting hooked -</b> he needs you to help him fish, you get autoscribed recipe for fishing hooks.<br />Find 9 metal scraps (track harvests for broken barrels, get rusty nails from them) and craft 3 fishing hooks on a goblin<br />work bench close to Kreeg. Uses thaumic coal which you got from reward of previous quest. Speak to Kreeg again.<br /><b>Feeling Crabby</b> - recipe for crab trap auto scribed, find 3 pieces od wood (driftwood nodes on beach) and 3<br />vines (trackable tough vine on cliffs above beach, looks like kunark roots). Craft 3 crab traps on goblin bench, place<br />traps along water nearby, speak to Kreeg. At this point Vhesh has again a quest for you.<br /><b>Hung Out to Dry</b> - auto scribed recipe for fish drying rack, gather 3 wood ( again from driftwood) and some metal ( again from broken barrel), craft a drying rack on goblin woorkbench, place it next to Kreeg, speak to him.<br /><b>Live bait</b> - get crabs from traps you placed earlier, you recieve 3 tasty crabs, use each from inventory, it places a small crab<br />next to you and 2 black crawlers come out nearby, pick up the crawlers, you need 6 of them. Bring them to Kreeg.<br />His quests end here.<br /><b>from Glibnox at 133, -164, -767</b><br /><b>Requesting Blessing</b> - speak to Glibnox the Soothsyer on cliff above ( you have enough faction now to not be kos). he needs 3 slug slime there's some tame slugs around 105, -184, -625, click them, return to Glibnox<br /><b>A Finding Charm</b> - use the charm of lost things you haver in your bags, it locates nearest "lost thing" for you, look on map for<br />the mark (west and south of Twark village), an injured goblin (Growf) at 484, -191, -507, speak to himm then return to<br />Glibnox to get help.<br /><b>Mission of mercy</b> - you receive some slug slime and auto scribed recipe for goo brew, craft it on goblin firepit next to Glibnox. Help the goblin. He says he will be ok from here and you should return to Glibnox.<br /><b>Bone Collecting</b> - gather 4 chokidai bones from lizard bandit camp SW of there around 409, -201, -164 (trackable harvest), return to Glibnox.<br /><b>Scrying Eyes</b> - auto scribed recipe for Soothsayer's Scrying Bones. Make them on the goblin firepit next to him, you receive an unlimited charge charm that casts bones, use it and get directions across screen as to which way to go, keeps leading you south until around 85, -204, -43 you get a message the trail ends, next cast leads you towards the hills. Around<br />-77, -126, 62 trail ends again. Fly over mobs or watch out if you walk, next cast shows trail leading through the <br />pass, around -295, 45, 548 it ends again. Now it tells you to go to the west, at the mouth of the cave you see greenmist<br />guards ( aggro!!), quest goal changes to "I need to convince these crusaders to trust me". Go back down a path a bit<br />and you will find a dead crusader at 588, 194, 685. Right click and scavange armor, quest completes and you receive<br />a charm called Crusaders of Greenmist Disguise. Use it and approach guards again, they are now non aggro and Trooper Selisk nearby them has a quest.

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<b>from Trooper Selisk at 733, 224, 894 (need to have active the disguise from previous quest)</b><br /><b>Deeper Disguise</b> - he tells you to speak with Trooper Sokszar deeper in the caves (634, 247, 1240). Sokszar tells you the captives helped them and in reward were released, they now left. but he needs your help<br /><b>from Trooper Sokszar</b><br /><b>Gone Astray</b> - need to catch escaped sokokars from their pens. Get auto scribed recipe for sokokar leash, craft it you will need <br />some splitiron ore and abyssal pelts, also coal. Leash a stray sokokar and bring it to Chef Zharss deep in cave at <br />454, 245, 1458. Return to Sokszar. Ends here. Fly back to Chef's area and Skethusk has a quest.<br /><b>From Skethusk</b><br /><b>Figurine the Profits</b> - go to pass and find his missing figurine. This gets updated from Collapsed Tunnel Entrance clickable<br />rock at -317, 47, 604. You zone into abandoned mine tunnel, search the little rubble piles, until you get it, random<br />update, return to Skethusk, reward is a Collection of Goblin Items which start next quest.<br /><b>Search and Rescue</b> - (from previous quest's reward) - find someone interested in these goblin things. this is Glibnox back north at Twark, when you get there you will see that Growf ( the injured goblin is nearby and offers quest now).<br /> Glibnox tells you those items belong to a goblin named Greshdek who was trying to repair tunel leading to Nuroga. He asks you to find him and use the totem to bring you both back to him. You receive Twark transport totem. Go to -317, 47, 604 and click on collapsed tunnel rock. Run thru abandoned mine, follow rail tracks to -271, 56, -2-16, click on zone to<br />Fens of Nathsar, you have a dot for Nuroga but need to finish quests for the 3 NPC's nearby first. <br />before you go to Fens you can also do Growf's quests<br /><b>from Growf in Twark at 79, -171, -680</b><br /><b>Guardian of Growf</b> - he asks you to help with his garden and pests, auto scribed recipe for go-away pest spray, <br />gather 4 astringent herbs around 221, -216, -447, craft repelent on goblin fire, return to Growf.<br /><b>Blessing of Growf -</b> he needs fertilizer (poop) Gather 4 chokidai droppings back at chokidai area 409, -201, -157. small white<br />mounds, not trackable, return to Grwof<br /><b>Protector of Growf</b> - go gather 6 smelly goos from river goos down in river around isle and return. <br /><b>Seeds of Growf</b> - collect seeds from plants in elf gardens up on hill to the east. Bag of them in wheel barrow<br /> at -517, -85, -674 Return to Growf. Ends here<br /> (Taelonar with next tradeskill line quest walks in a circle around the tree and wheel barrow there, no need to speak the language, get that quest)<br /><b>from Taelonar in gardens of Nye'caelona wandering around -543, -84, -672</b><br /><b>The Gardens are in bloom</b> - to get trust of elves carry a message for Taelonar, speak to Marqusal at Danak docks and tell <br />him gardens are in bloom. At the end of dock in Danak speak to Roger Greenleaf. He doens't know of any Marqusal<br />though, go back to Taelonar. He updates quest ( you get 11000 faction) and he sends you up to elf town above to <br />speak to Elder Lyraquel at -202, 92, -208. You need to speak their language to progress (language is a collection reward from shinies looking like ! in Obulus Frontier zone) the end of this part. Brytthel is standing next to her, cancel your greenmist illusion to speak to her.

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Thank you so much for this awesome write-up - I've been struggling at the "Search & Rescue" bit and confused by the bits and bobs I've picked up here as to what to do next - so grateful for the clarification!

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<b>from Elder Lyranquel (after you finish taelonar's quest/message to Danak)</b><br /><b>Dying of Bore-dom</b> - check typharush plants for bore beetles, look in gardens for small white dead looking bushes, click on those, not all will update so keep looking, after about 10 for me 1 of them produced a borer beetle larva that came out from the<br />ground. Return to Elder<br /><b>Soil and Trouble</b> - bring a sample of coil from Twark ( from Growf's mini garden) and from gardens, both track harvest trackable. Return to Elder<br /><b>Process of Elimination</b> - collect samples of plant (in Growf's garden), animal ( from any tame slug) and fungi (grow on trees)<br />from Twark. Return to Elder<br /><b>Choose the Slug Life</b> - collect 2 slugs from Twark ( you receive 2 usable items), release them in gardens of Nye'caelona, return<br />ends here.<br />questline to be continued from Brytthel, not in game yet..<br /><b>meanwhile you needed to go to Fens for Search and rescue from Glibnox</b><br />after you run thru abandoned mine or get to goblin area in Fens by any other means you have 3 NPC's and more quests to gain the goblins' trust, this is normal lvl 70+ kunark zone, with 70+ mobs you may have to try to avoid on lowbie crafter until you get faction from their quests.<br /><b>from Irontooth </b><br /><b>Borrowing from the dead</b> - auto scribed recipe for repaired armor bits, find some metal (6) scavange armor from dead attackers in the pass leading to goblin area -409, 14, -1709, use gobling forge next to Irontooth to repair them<br /><b>Drop your weapon</b> - auto scribed repaired stabby-stick, gather 6 rusty weapons, rusty weapons laying on ground in same pass as dead attackers. Repair them on the same forge.<br /><b>Smoothy-Stones for stabby-sticks</b> - gather 2 sharpening stones - clickable a smooth stone under large rock at -272, 32, -1809, under rock at -290, 46, -1847 ( not trackable), return to Irontooth. End.<br /> <br /><b>from Rumbletum </b><br /><b>Googlow Juice</b> - auto scribed Googlow Juice, pick 10 goocap mushrooms, they grow in shadow of cliffs by sheep, trackable clumps of blue mushrooms, just beyond pass under cliffs, craft 5 juices on goblin firepit next to him.<br /><b>Keep the Home Fires Burnin</b>g - gather 5 firewood, from trackable disintegrating wooden carts a little farther away, not the one by Rumbletum<br /><b>Squirmy-wormies for grumbly-bellies</b> - turn over rocks and gather 6 crawlers, flat rocks just past the pass towards sheep, remove rock and pick up small black squirmy worm, rerturn to Rumbletum, End.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /><b>from Brappa</b><br /><b>Stacky racks for stabby sticks</b> - autp scribed stacky-rack, find 5 wood ( chop disintegrating wooden carts nearby), craft it on<br />goblin workbench next to him<br /><b>If The Bones Fit</b> - auto scribed bone totem, gather 4 chewed sarnak bones in the pass, craft 2 bone totems on goblin bench by him.<br /><b>Sickly Brews for stabby sticks</b> - auto scribed sickly brew, gather 6 bitter herbs (trackable), craft 2 sickly brews on goblin fire next to Rumbletum<br /> <br /> <br /><b>Once you done all quests for all 3 of them in Fens Brappa offers:</b><br /><b>Temple Visitor</b> - Enter temple of Nu'roga, go to mine, first right, climb ladders, click door, quest completes.<br />Greshdek is at the top of Nu'roga -24, 155, -31, go all the way up via stone and wooden ramps, talk to him, then use Twark transport totem in bags or in quest helper to return you both to Glibnox. Speak to Glibnox to finish Search and Rescue.<br /><b>continued from Glibnox:</b><br /><b>Stranger Friends</b> - see someone you know in Nye'celona, someone who treats slugs as pets ( Brytthel), take off your greenmist illusion before she will speak to you, you should be done with Taelonar's trip to Danak quest to have faction of non-kos in elf city. She finishes the quest and tells you to help around elf city and keep your ears open for news. (currently not in game yet.)

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meantime<b> Oogthor in Twark</b> has weekly and dailies, again like in Tot the dailies can be done all at once, then wait a week<br /> <br />goblin fire next to Glibnox<br />goblin workbench behind Ooghtor<br /> <br /><b>weekly:</b><br />Snacky Snacks - 2 recipes for broken tooth snacky snacks and shroom juice auto scribed. cook 10 each (2 at a time)<br /> <br /><b>dailies ( hourlies in beta for now)</b><br /><b>Greener on the other side</b> - auto scribed recipe for bag of fertilizer, gather 4 chokidai droppings around 409, -201, -157,<br />craft 4 fertilizer on gob. bench, deliver to Lyraquel, return to Oogthor<br /><b>Always in demand</b> - healing goo brew scribed, gather 4 slime from slugs, craft 4 healing brew on goblin fire<br /><b>Unlikely Saviors</b> - slug call recipe scribed, craft slug call on gob bench, capture a wild forest slug across river around <br />-71, -169, -626 and deliver to Lyranquel, return to Oogthor<br /><b>Rabbit Repellent</b> - Go-Away Rabbit spray scribed, gather 4 astringent herbs around 221, -216, -447, craft 4 sprays on gob fire,<br />deliver to Lyranquel, return to Oogthor<br /><b>Thumpy Sticks</b> - scribed recipe for Thumpy sticks, craft 8 on gob bench<br /><b>Pup Piper</b> - scribed Chokidai Whistle , craft whistle on gob. bench, use whistle on pup around 409, -201, -157 and bring it back<br /><b>Twark Defender</b> - you receive 4 chokidai hides and scribe recipe for chokidai hide armor, craft 4 on goblin workbench

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<div class="bbCodeBlock bbCodeQuote" data-author="Darln"> <aside> <div class="attribution type">Darln said: <a href="index.php?goto/post&id=6384436#post-6384436" class="AttributionLink">↑</a> </div> <blockquote><span class="ae_quote_symbol">“</span><span class="ae_quote_content">Nice 'walk-thru' on the TS Timeline thus far Chikkin. Thank you. I had counted my quests and came up with 45 (same as you have listed which includes the dailies) and now I know I'm not crazy .. LOL. That's definitely a lot more than the adventure side.</span><span class="ae_quote_symbol">”</span></blockquote> </aside></div> <br />If you talk to Brytthel when you finish in Nye'celona theres a "BETA" message that pops up saying the next quest isn't ready. Help Caith test the ascension classes. It funny. but at least we know Brytthel will be next.

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Nice 'walk-thru' on the TS Timeline thus far Chikkin. Thank you. I had counted my quests and came up with 45 (same as you have listed which includes the dailies) and now I know I'm not crazy .. LOL. That's definitely a lot more than the adventure side.

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When I zoned into Fens from the tunnel the Greenmist disguise did not drop - since the description says only in Obulus perhaps it should have? I didn't notice at first since one of the characters I copied to beta is an Iksar. <img src="/images/smilies/confused.gif" alt="Confused" />

10-29-2016, 06:35 AM
Thank you for the write up!

10-31-2016, 08:16 AM
For those seeking the recipe books, doing the weekly/daily series twice (minimum 7 days on live) should give enough faction to get them, adventure quests don't appear to effect the required faction.

10-31-2016, 08:17 AM
Although it would be nice if the handcrafted books didn't take the same 30k faction as the advanced recipes.

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Continuation of questline from Brytthel after doing Strange Friends and Elder's quests<br /> <br />As of Tuesday parts of the questline here is bugged, if you can't talk to researcher or collection does not award recipe for TAILOR, SAGE and WOODWORKER, wait for fix coming with Wednesday's patch.<br /> <br />from Brytthel<br />The Final Blow - speak to Soothsayer Shanks on Twerk. He tells you about what to do in Dalnir, return to Brytthel.<br />Consult the sarnaks in Fens since you have faction with them (Proof of pudding quest done required). talk to Researcher<br />Thelzik Ku'Rok in Bathezid. Quest updates and you receive The legend of Dalnir book (craftsman) (different storybook for scholars and outfitters) and your goal changes to find enough information to help me create recipe. Start picking up page collectibles in that room. Page 3 and 11 are bookcases, different for each profession, they light up under mouseover. Turn in collection, receive the house item version of the book and recipe page for Incense Dispenser (craftsman), Mummified Ganak noble (scholars), Overseer shield and Overseer sword (outfitters).<br />Colaborate with other classes to gather 1 of each. Enter Crypt of Dalnir: Baron's Workshop (tradeskill) east of Twerk<br />at 789, -129, -583. Goal changes to find and speak to Haggle Baron Dalnir. Put on your mumified noble illusion, Click the statue on the right to turn it and grant you access to the door it's facing now. Use Incense liberally ahead of you to kill ghosts. Around -155, 26, 10 you get messagethat walls in alcoves to the south seem to be cracked, kill wall and walk in. destroy a obulus vase and receive a crypt key. proceed deeper in and fish out some goos and Overseer key from green river, trackable nodes. go up the ramp in goo area at -79, 3, -212. Open door and walk in, use incense liberally to get rid of ghosts. place shield on pedestal at -199, 28, -397 and sword on other pedestal in room. walk in next room and talk to Dalnir after killing the ghosts in the way. He gives you auto scribed recipe for rune conduit. Gather items needed to craft it in nearby 2 small rooms,<br />mouse over all tables and items. open journal and look for recipe for rune conduit, while next to Dalnir and his forge.<br />Craft it. Return to Brytthel.<br /> <br />Go to Arcannae'se Spire (portal in Thalumbra still at -60, 15, 164 ), goal changes to "prepare the relics".<br />go thru door at 15, 0, -42. go thru to room with a broken portal, you are told to look in library for help with repairing<br />portal to upper levels. Go back and go into next door on the left to room with pedestal (library) find scroll on the<br />ground by the name of Spire portal construction and repair. Auto scribed recipe for Spire Anchor. You will need 1<br />arcanna'se metal from trackables ores in zone, 3 arcannae'se hardwood from bushes in garden area, and 1 wax from table in alchemy room per anchor, you will need to make 3 anchors, all done on arcannae workbench which is in garden room between entrance and alchemy room. Make 3 anchors, replace the broken ones in portal room and use portal. Run straight thru to Queen's hologram in distance.<br /> <br />She gives a side quest Time is short - auto scribed 4 recipes for empower relic of.... find box of sacred incense at<br />-424, 9, -131, you get 10 arcannae'se sacred insence from it, quest asks you to find relics in order<br /> <br />counters for relics are LETHAL, counter correctly or die. hurry with crafting and leave area, guards will go aggro again<br />after short time ( 30 seconds?)<br /> <br />Paixao ( passion) - approach guards at room at -401, 9, -124 slowly, as you approach the protection queen spoke off kicks in and guards become non aggro, run in room click on altar in middle and craft the relic ( only one that will show up as option)<br />Aniquilacion (flame)- -539, 9, -130. same trick<br />Pingyuan Diqu - doorway at -494, 0, -56 little ramp down, same trick<br />Zou Kunnen (magic) - ramp down at -453, 0, -56 same trick<br /> <br />return to queen, then return to brythel THE END.

11-02-2016, 02:42 AM
<span style="font-size: large"><b>Thanks!! </b></span> <img src="http://i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a629/amaziinga/Doctor%20Who/MastersCheering_zpsf108f36d.gif" class="bbCodeImage LbImage" alt="[IMG]" />

11-04-2016, 05:44 PM
I got killed after finished Paixao by the guards (Time is up), Queen's spell no longer on me and I cannot continue the rest of the quest. Cannot delete and retake the quest either, because I have only 3 rune conduits left.<br /> <br />I redo Paixao again. same Guards killed me after I left their area (they attack me while I am already outside at the table nearby.<br /> <br />How do I get back my rune conduit? I only have 2 left. Everytime I redo and fail I lost one.

11-04-2016, 06:38 PM
<div class="bbCodeBlock bbCodeQuote" data-author="Khama"> <aside> <div class="attribution type">Khama said: <a href="index.php?goto/post&id=6387490#post-6387490" class="AttributionLink">↑</a> </div> <blockquote><span class="ae_quote_symbol">“</span><span class="ae_quote_content">How do I get back my rune conduit? I only have 2 left. Everytime I redo and fail I lost one.</span><span class="ae_quote_symbol">”</span></blockquote> </aside></div> <br />Arcanna'se is a magical place. You will find that if you run out, you will magically get another one when you need it.

11-05-2016, 04:15 PM
The little Travel to Obulus Frontier item outside Arcanna'se Spire isn't working to take me back.

11-06-2016, 12:37 AM
don't think that is meant to work for crafters. In any case a crafter at this point has a totem with unlimited charges to teleport to Twerk