View Full Version : Beta Update Notes October 14, 2016

10-14-2016, 04:31 AM
QUESTS<br /><ul><li>Littered Along the Pass- Fixed an issue where it was possible to get the quest 'Trader Among Us' without having completed 'Littered Along the Pass.' This was not intentional. This should no longer be possible. If you are stuck on "Littered Along the Pass,' Grissuc should complete it properly now.</li><li>Remains to be Seen- Raised up the glowing effects a bit to help make them more visible when looking for the medallion's locations.</li><li>Artifacts of Life- Twark Grubs should now have a despawn timer.</li><li>Kunark Ascending: Beyond the Veil - Sealed doors now give a clue as to what is needed to open them.</li><li>Kunark Ascending: Beyond the Veil - The Arcane Door Unseal spell within Arcanna'se Spire, is more noticeable now.</li><li>Kunark Ascending: Beyond the Veil - The scribe's arcane podium within Arcanna'se Spire now glows at an appropriate step as a helpful hint to interact with it, again.</li><li>Kunark Ascending: Beyond the Veil - Speaking with Queen Alwenielle can teleport you to the Frillik Tide, or Obulus Frontier, depending upon where you are in this quest.</li><li>Kunark Ascending: Opportunity 'Noks - Trooper Sotek is more willing to set you free of your chains now.</li><li>Kunark Ascending: Ghost Whisperer - There are no longer two different mobs named "a magma elemental"</li></ul>MERCENARIES<br /><ul><li>Fixed an issue causing items to vanish after being equipped on mercenaries.</li></ul>ZONES / POPULATION<br /><ul><li>Obulus frontier - Crusader's Camp respawn point is no longer patrolled by a guard.</li></ul>UI<br /><ul><li>Threat List Window renamed to Enemies and will no longer close when ESC is pressed.</li></ul>