View Full Version : Beta Update Notes October 12, 2016

10-12-2016, 01:08 AM
BETA GENERAL<br /><ul><li>Finch Beta Buff Merchant located on Halas docks will now sell a level 100 beta buff, as well as crates of gear appropriate for testing Kunark Ascending overland content.</li></ul>ZONES AND POPULATION<br /><ul><li>A beta only zone into Obulus frontier has been added to Kylong Plains at the zone to Jarsath, Jarsath Wastes at the zone to Kylong, and Halas next to Finch, the beta gear merchant.</li><li><span style="color: #000000">More clues have been added to The Frillik Tide.</span></li><li>All types of head gear should now be obtainable after a certain stage of The Frillik Tide is completed.</li></ul>TRADESKILLS<br /><ul><li>7 daily tradeskill quests (and 1 weekly mission) are now available from Oogthor in the goblin encampment of Twark, once you have finished Lyraquel's last quest ("Choose the Slug Life"). For beta testing purposes the daily quests can be repeated once an hour, this will change to just under 7 days by the end of beta.</li><li>There are now more than twice as many ripe zeabuds available for "Forging Onwards".</li><li>Chokidai Bones should no longer be removed from your inventory on completion of "Bone Collecting", and more can be collected if needed while you are on "Scrying Eyes".</li></ul>