View Full Version : A Plea for the Tank

11-16-2015, 01:51 PM
Dear Devs,<br /> <br />I am writing this as an open and honest plea for the Tanks of Norrath. We toil with a screen filled with "Dragon butt" and normally find a corner in order to fill our screen with mobs. We do not "parse" and if we die everyone normally dies.... we are there to take abuse from pixils of magical monsters and quite often players when we make one mistake. A Tank rotates taunts, temps and the occasional threat generating CA, that is about it. We are made to assume (for some odd reason) the de-facto leader role of the groups and must always "pull more" or "pull faster" to satisfy our dps compatriots.<br /> <br />This is our role and we understand that, what we ask for is not much but something that has been needed for a very long time. Bring our classes up to date with the current content, please review the Fighter feedback diligently and while some classes have been very well represented there do not forget the ones that have not. Our abilities are out of date, the agro generation of the "deeps" is continually growing while ours is not scaling. <br /> <br />Its not "fun" to play a tank, but it can be supremely satisfying. Help us at least keep the satisfaction part.