View Full Version : Harvesting Nodes

11-04-2015, 10:32 PM
Ok, I know I'm not half blind, but I have noticed that the harvest nodes are either to small (Chert nodule quest item) or they are so well blended into the landscape you can barely see them compared to other rocks ect in the background that are not quest items. (At least as far as I have gotten on the tradeskill quest line.) Even with tracking I find myself mousing around to find the stones (veined stone) which I swear are not enough for half the required amounts needed for the recipes. The overpopulation of fungal overgrowth is insane to the other harvest nodes. The other one is why the graphic for the common abyssal pelt and thalumbral root are the same, not to mention your wild tempeh look like old roots. Ugh trying to make sure you have the right ones in your bags is getting crazy.