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11-03-2015, 09:17 PM
I have a level 100 Troubadour on Live. He has some standard AoM gear which puts his hp just under 500k and the Lady Pally merc I use has somewhere over 500k hp. I just notice that on my beta buff conjuror the hp is over 1mil on the toon but the Jennis pally merc, I am using, only has 595k hp. Is it intentional that mercs won't be getting as much benefit from the new release's gear upgrades and become less and less useful?<br /> <br />I have been trying to solo the signature quest line in beta, with the beta buffed conjuror, but got stuck early on with the advanced solo dungeons kicking my butt so fast I am wondering where I am going wrong. Is advanced solo supposed to be soloable by all or only by really highly geared toons with high alt advance points and not by beta buffed toons? In AoM my troubadour was able to solo them with a merc and his gear is lower end.

11-03-2015, 10:02 PM
didn't know mercs got any gear in this game. the trade skill relic helps out your merc though.<br /> <br />if you have less than 1 mil hp for anything, merc or toon, getting hit a lot they will die from boss encounters in adv solo. my advice is to quest a lot to get the new 100 gear. it will give YOURSELF more dps and survivability. the beta buff gear is the level 96 aom gear and don't even try it with that.<br /> <br />I hope you are not using a tanking merc on your conj. as there are far better options.<br /> <br />with some mages or any classes that depend on a merc to tank. the adv solo in this expansion thus far are not too kind to you.

11-04-2015, 12:30 AM
I thought mercs hp was based off of player hp and was affected by player gear.<br /> <br />What is the better way to play the conj? I am checking the class out at high level as beta buffed since my /beta copy command hasn't been working to bring my high level toons to beta. Thought I'd test beta and play a new class while I was at it. Right now I am having a real hard time with Old Doclin in the signature quest line.

11-05-2015, 12:56 PM
nope mercs don't share. they are on thier own. (conj pets do though with a few gear stat exceptions) this is why mercs are so under powered in adv solo content bosses that can hit for 300-400k or even more.<br /> <br />I use a healer merc on my conj when in instances soloing. I found Kenny with his wards works out the best but I still have to heal on bosses in the beta. however while out in the regular world I don't use any as I am well geared and adorned.<br /> <br />I did notice the conj pets' hit points got a nice adjustment to make them survive the new content. i will have to double check and see it isn't just the increase in stamina on the new gear but I think something else is involved too.<br /> <br />also use your scout pet with the tanking stance soloing. your pet should be able to keep agro. I had to use old Bubba my tanking pet to do some bosses in adv solo and then of course I had to heal him sometimes.<br /> <br />beta is a great platform to test out a new class. I salute you sir.